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Receive personal, close and competent 1:1 support when setting up and implementing an efficient and tool-supported requirements management system.

Reduce the loss of information during collaboration and maintain an overview of all development projects at all times

Save up to 20% of your time through centralized and structured handling of all information

Minimize risks with intelligent workflow assistance that automatically identifies errors

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The 3 biggest problems with unstructured requirements management


Requirements and associated information have to be collected and evaluated manually. Constant coordination and clarification mean that a lotof time is lost.


If information is not saved in a consistent and organized manner, there is a risk that important requirements will be forgotten or that outdated versions will be used.


Without a clear structure, terminology and formatting, misunderstandings can quickly arise between team members. Productivity suffers as a result, processes are inefficient and the results are fraught with risk.

"The best thing about working with OSSENO is the individuality. You are not left alone with a software, but have experts at your side who build up the requirements management together with us."


About the cooperation

Achieve structured and efficient requirements management in just four steps


In the first phase, we take a detailed look at your current situation and analyze your product structure, development processes and current challenges. Based on these findings, we can identify your specific requirements for future requirements management and work with you to develop a successful solution concept.

Solution design

In the second phase, based on our many years of experience and the previous context analysis, we develop a customized solution model that includes all the information relevant to you. Together with you, we refine this model until it precisely reflects your needs and situations. This way, we ensure that our software is subsequently tailored precisely to your individual circumstances.


In phase 3, we configure our software according to your individual solution model. You then have the opportunity to test the solution with your own sample data. Based on your experience, we adjust the software as required and then carry out comprehensive training with you and the rest of the team. This way, we ensure that all users are able to work safely and productively with our software after just a short time.


With our continuous support, we ensure that the software quickly develops its full potential and that the change from your previous way of working is smooth and swift. Through regular 1:1 calls and open consultation hours, we are always available to answer questions or clarify any uncertainties. And we do this continuously - not just during the initial phase.


Our case studies

Discover practical experience

Requirements are created 20-30% faster

"I was really impressed with the support, both at the practical tool level and in creating the workflows at the developer level. There was real commitment and a clear view of our needs - a rarity in my experience with other companies. The intuitive user interface of ReqSuite® RM makes working with requirements a pleasure - something I have not experienced before compared to other requirements tools."

Gregor Schmitt

Chief Technology Officer, CityQ

Initial situation

Even before the start of development, CityQ recognized that complex products could not be mapped effectively with conventional office software. Gregor Schmitt knew from previous work that traceability and teamwork are essential for success when working with requirements. He had already gained experience with other RM software, but it did not meet his requirements, particularly in terms of usability. Intuitive use of the software was a top priority for him.


Requirements and test case maintenance is now efficient

Thanks to its ease of use, the software achieved a high level of user acceptance

CityQ was able to fully achieve its original goals and plans to use ReqSuite® RM in the future for exchanges with suppliers in order to avoid friction losses in external collaboration as well

50% time savings in requirements management

"We use ReqSuite® RM in the product development of orthopaedic technology to manage compliance with the ISO 62304 and ISO 13485 standards. I recommend ReqSuite® RM for every project manager in the medical device sector, especially for software development, as the tool brings an immense improvement in quality and efficiency."

Briac Colobert

Department Manager ORTEN, Proteor

Initial situation

Efficiency and conformity to standards are particularly important in medical product development. Proteor's document-based way of working created significant inefficiencies and challenges. The manual maintenance of complex dependency matrices in Excel was time-consuming and led to confusing processes. This often led to requirements being lost and made it difficult to create complete and traceable documents for certifications. Ultimately, project deadlines could not always be met.


Greater sense of security in audit preparation and risk minimization in audits

Simple maintenance of cross-references without loss of data

Independent adaptation of ReqSuite® RM to current requirements

Thanks to the flexibility of ReqSuite® RM, various non-topic projects such as the restructuring of the company website have now also been handled with it

Your path to cooperation

Book an appointment

Use our calendar to book an appointment for an initial brief consultation.


At the arranged time, one of our experts will contact you via telephone to discuss your current situation.


We will explain everything about our software, answer any questions you may have and show you how our solution can help you specifically.


If you decide to work with us, we will get straight down to business.

Intensive support.
Experts at your side.
Intuitive and simple.

About OSSENO Software GmbH

We founded OSSENO Software GmbH in 2015 with a clear goal: Enable companies to significantly increase efficiency in project work with a holistic, customized and tool-supported software solution.

As experts in requirements management, we know the typical challenges of the industry from almost 20 years of experience. We have therefore prioritized addressing these challenges by offering solutions through our intuitive, modern and powerful software as well as customized solution templates.

Today, with our constantly growing team and customer base, we are one of the leading solution providers for medium-sized companies in the field of requirements management.


Our experts

Behind OSSENO Software you will find a team of experts who focus on your specific challenges and goals in requirements management.

Dr. Sebastian Adam
Dr. Sebastian Adam
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Lukas Schönberger
Lukas Schönberger
Account Manager
Johanna Lotter
Johanna Lotter
Onboarding Manager
Phil Stüpfert
Phil Stüpfert
Concept Manager
Dr. Sebastian Adam
Dr. Sebastian Adam
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Lukas Schönberger
Lukas Schönberger
Account Manager
Johanna Lotter
Johanna Lotter
Onboarding Manager
Phil Stüpfert
Phil Stüpfert
Concept Manager

FAQ – Do you have any questions?

Do you have experience in our industry?

We have already worked successfully with over 80 companies from a wide range of industries and have developed customized solutions in a wide variety of contexts. The influence of the industry on requirements management in general is minimal - tried and tested methods and processes always work in a similar way and the relevant norms and standards usually require the same thing. And you, as the industry expert, will take care of the actual functional and technical requirements for your products anyway.

How much time and effort do I have to expect for the implementation and is it even worth it?

If you are currently facing challenges in requirements management, professionalization is definitely worth it. Due to the increasing complexity of products and the simultaneous shortening of market launches, problems in requirements management will otherwise become a real business risk in the medium term.

Incidentally, the changeover is uncomplicated and quick. We will develop and train your customized solution concept within a few weeks so that you and your team can get to work immediately and efficiently. We make sure that we take up as little time as possible from your and your team. 3-4 hours per week are sufficient for the introductory phase. The benefits of professionalized and tool-supported requirements management far outweigh the minor effort required for implementation.

What happens after the implementation?

As our customer, you automatically receive our Premium Service. This means that you will receive all the support you need from us personally to ensure that your requirements management is really optimized and efficient. In addition to initial onboarding and obligatory technical support, this also includes individual 1:1 calls as required. While onboarding is billed as a one-off service, our premium service is included in the subscription price or the maintenance fee for our software at no extra charge.

Do you also offer tool-independent consulting and training on requirements management?

Yes and no. In addition to intensive support with the introduction of tool-supported requirements management, our customers naturally also receive training on the relevant principles, methods and best practices. However, our almost 20 years of experience show that it makes little sense to invest in a methodical and procedural improvement of requirements management if adequate tool support is not also available. This is why we only ever offer our consulting and training services to customers who also benefit from our software.

Do you want to optimize your requirements management and eliminate typical problems?

Then arrange an individual consultation now.
We will answer your questions and present you our solution in detail.

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