ReqSuite® RM

The Smart Tool for Your Requirements Management

With our intelligent software solution ReqSuite® RM, you can manage all requirements of your projects in a simpler, more structured and efficient way.

Eliminate error rates and minimize unnecessary work in your projects

Stop wasting valuable time on searching for information or manual tracking

Improve communication and collaboration within your team and with stakeholders

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80+ innovative companies already benefit from ReqSuite® RM

The reason why innovative companies rely on ReqSuite® RM

With ReqSuite® RM, you receive an industry-leading requirements management tool, that provides you with powerful functionality for your requirements management without losing any of its user-friendliness. Intuitive and modern handling as well as intelligent assistance functions enable you to:

Achieve improved product quality through clearly formulated requirements

Avoid misunderstandings due to a complete overview and traceability

Save time by clearly assigning responsibilities

Selected features of ReqSuite® RM

Intelligent assistance

Automatic quality checks detect inconsistencies and missing links.

Clear structure

Requirements and artifacts are systematically grouped and managed.

Version history

Transparent tracking of changes through comparisons and versioning.

Smart links

Clear graphics for dependencies between requirements.

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What our customers say about ReqSuite® RM

"ReqSuite® RM was the essential tool to achieve the quality required by the DO 178C certification."

"Especially the consideration and timely implementation of weControl’s needs in the further development of ReqSuite® RM contributed to the added value gained."

Ulysse Guigon

Co-Founder FlyTek/ Consultant at weControl

"ReqSuite® RM has become the core element of our requirements management."

"We now use the solution very successfully both externally for services for our customers and internally for our own organization."

Marco Hattemer

Senior Consultant Systems, Processes and Requirements Management, SCHMELING + CONSULTANTS

"We useReqSuite® RM in orthopedic device product development to manage compliance to ISO 62304 and ISO 13485 standards."

"I recommend ReqSuite® RM for any medical device project manager, especially for software development, as the tool brings immense improvement in quality and efficiency."

Briac Colobert

Department Manager ORTEN, Proteor

"We can adapt ReqSuite® RM to our project requirements ourselves at any time."

"In OSSENO we have found a partner who is always on hand with help and advice and who takes our wishes into account in the further development of the software."

Lukas Müller

Department Manager Switzerland PROSE AG

"ReqSuite®RM is a very powerful tool that has helped us to make our processes and working methods more agile."

"The proactive and responsive support from Osseno not only supports us effectively in the implementation of ReqSuite® RM, but also provides us with high-quality technical incentives and tips for migrating the new processes."

Jan Starke

Head of Strategic Planning and Project Management SWB Bus und Bahn

"Thanks to the very intuitive and user-friendly interface, we see a high level of acceptance of the solution among our users."

"OSSENO impresses with its courteous, proactive and absolutely customer-oriented approach."

Peter Auer

Head of Quality, BORA

"We will be using ReqSuite® RM again in 2023 and 2024 and are excited about it!"

"ReqSuite® RM saved us an incredible amount of time and work during the last EU tender."

Markus Otte

Director Digital Content & VAS, DB Fernverkehr

"We use ReqSuite®RM for end-to-end tracking of our requirements and tests."

"Thanks tot he professional implementation support, in which a customized requirements management template was set up in our company, we were able to use the tool quickly."

Harry van Herten

Senior Verification Engineer, Intrinsic ID

"We used ReqSuite® RM as part of the safety engineering according to ISO26262 for the e.GO Life."

"The management of safety requirements and the mapping of relevant cross-references to other information and engineering artifacts was extremely complex due to the very large number of elements. ReqSuite® RM helped us enormously to master this complexity and made our work much easier."

Dr. Daniel Schneider

Department Head Safety Engineering, Fraunhofer IESE

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About OSSENO Software GmbH

We founded OSSENO Software GmbH in 2015 with a clear goal: Enable companies to significantly increase efficiency in project work with a holistic, customized and tool-supported software solution.

As experts in requirements management, we know the typical challenges of the industry from almost 20 years of experience. We have therefore prioritized addressing these challenges by offering solutions through our intuitive, modern and powerful software as well as customized solution templates.

Today, with our constantly growing team and customer base, we are one of the leading solution providers for medium-sized companies in the field of requirements management.


FAQ – Do you have any questions?

Why is ReqSuite® RM the right choice for us?

ReqSuite® RM is suitable for companies of all industries and sizes that want to sustainably improve their handling of requirements and associated artifacts such as test cases, risks, solution concepts, etc. and want an intuitive, flexible and modern tool for this purpose. Typical use cases include product development, procurement and tendering as well as the continuous further development of internal IT systems.

What effort do I have to expect for the migraton and is it even worth it?

If you are currently facing challenges in requirements management, it is definitely worth switching to ReqSuite® RM. From 200 requirements per project and onwards, significant efficiency gains can be seen compared to working with Word, Excel, wikis or ticket systems. The introduction of ReqSuite® RM is uncomplicated and quick.

Within a few weeks, we have customized the software to your individual needs and trained all users. We make sure that we take up as little time as possible from you and your team. 3-4 hours per week is perfectly adequate for the introductory phase. The benefits that our software brings you are therefore disproportionate to the minimal effort required for the changeover.

What support and service do you offer?

As our customer, you automatically receive our Premium Service. This means that you receive all the support you need from us personally to ensure that your requirements management is really optimized and efficient. In addition to initial onboarding and technical support, this also includes individual 1:1 calls, open consultation hours, an extensive training platform and much more. While onboarding is billed as a one-off service, our Premium Service is included in the subscription price or maintenance fee at no extra charge.

What does the license model look like?

With ReqSuite® RM, you have the choice between a one-off purchase plus maintenance or a subscription including all updates and support. There are licenses for both named and floating users. Most of our customers use a mixture of both. The smallest license package includes 2 fixed and 3 flexible licenses. Read-only licenses are free of charge.

Is there a free trial version?

No. The success and benefits of a requirements management tool depend largely on how the tool is configured for the individual context and needs of a company. Therefore, an off-the-shelf trial version that does not fit your needs makes no sense. However, you are of course not buying blindly from us, as we offer a pilot solution individually configured for you by our experts, without the obligation to proceed with a productive rollout.

Do you want to optimize your requirements management and make it more efficient?

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We will answer your questions and present you our solution in detail.

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