ReqSuite® RM

Functions at a Glance

Managing & Editing

With ReqSuite® RM, you can manage requirements and related artefacts in a structured manner in freely definable categories. In addition to text, graphics, file attachments and links to other tools can also be stored.

With powerful search and filter functions and the option to create views, you always have a precise overview of your project.

Versioning & Baselining

ReqSuite® RM automatically saves each modification so that you can always trace who made which changes and when. For this purpose, ReqSuite® RM also offers you the option of comparing individual versions and resetting them, if necessary.

Additionally, ReqSuite® RM enables the creation of baselines in order to monitor the overall development of a project over time.

Tracing & Analyzing

With ReqSuite® RM you can maintain semantic links between requirements and related artifacts and automatically check them for consistency and completeness.

This allows you to see directly whether refinements or other cross-connections are missing, or what impact an upcoming change will have on other artifacts.

Reusing & Standardizing

In ReqSuite® RM you can set up standard libraries for reusable content and transfer those information to individual projects by means of a copy or reference at the push of a button.

Since you don’t have to start from scratch every time, you can save a lot of work when working on similar projects.

Assisting & Automating

With ReqSuite® RM you can significantly simplify and accelerate the definition and review of requirements thanks to intelligent work assistance.

ReqSuite® RM can give you tips on useful next work steps and automatically check your requirements with regard to description quality, completeness and consistency.

Thus, you minimize the need for rework and clarification loops right from the start.

Controlling & Monitoring

In ReqSuite® RM you can define workflows for reviewing, approving and processing your requirements and use them to control the overall progress in your projects.

Furthermore, with dashboard functionalities and the option of calculating key figures using self-definable formulas, you can create comprehensive reports and analyses.

Collaborating & Interacting

ReqSuite® RM offers you numerous functions for collaborative work both within your company and with external partners.

Among others, you can assign requirements or other artefacts to individual user for processing, control access rights via roles and groups, or give users the opportunity to comment and review.

Import, Export & Synchronizing

All data stored in ReqSuite® RM can be bidirectionally synchronized with Jira, Azure DevOps, Enterprise Architect, ClickUp, Redmine, TestRail and GitLab.

Powerful import and export options are also available for Word, Excel and ReqIF.

In addition, you can programmatically connect other tools yourself via a well-documented REST API.

Customizing & Adjusting

ReqSuite® RM can be fully adapted to the procedural, thematic and normative needs of your company without any coding.

You can define the types of requirements and artifacts to be managed, their description fields and relationships, as well as the methodological procedures or the desired export templates by yourself.

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