ReqSuite® RM – The Requirements Management Tool that Thinks Ahead

Optimize your requirements management and increase the efficiency of your project work

ReqSuite® RM helps you analyze and manage requirements more completely, easily, and transparently.

As a result, ReqSuite® RM does not only reduce typical risks and friction losses in your development or procurement projects by up to 40%, but also simplifies and accelerates your requirements-related work itself.

How ReqSuite® RM optimizes your project work

ReqSuite® RM enables you to increase standardization by simply storing your desired processes and templates. This directly creates uniformity and reduces frictional losses in your projects.

ReqSuite® RM creates transparency and traceability through evaluation, filter and analysis functions. This means you always retain control over project progress and can act accordingly.

ReqSuite® RM leads to greater efficiency and ease by automating time-consuming tasks and exchanging data with third-party systems. This makes your entire project work simpler and less stressful.

ReqSuite® RM brings better quality to your work results through intelligent guidance and review assistance. As a result, you achieve less risk, rework, and rounds of clarification in your projects.

ReqSuite® RM supports the fulfillment of regulatory requirements through their tool-supported implementation. This enables you to ensure your standard compliance and thus obtain required approvals.

ReqSuite® RM leads to satisfied and motivated users through intuitive usability and individual adaptation to your business needs and project context. This ultimately enables you to achieve high scaling effects.

Selected insights into ReqSuite® RM

How ReqSuite® RM works

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With ReqSuite® RM you manage requirements in self-definable categories and according to freely definable attributes. In addition to text, graphics and file attachments can also be stored. Search and filter functions complete the administration.


ReqSuite® RM automatically saves every change to requirements and allows corresponding version comparisons. In addition, baselines can be created to freeze the overall status of requirements at certain milestones.


With ReqSuite® RM you can semantically describe relationships between requirements. In addition, ReqSuite® can maintain links semi-automatically and monitor the consistency of dependencies.


ReqSuite® RM offers sophisticated functions for the reuse of requirements. This can be done in the form of copies as well as references. It is also possible to transfer complete partial specifications into a project.


For the structured elaboration of requirements, ReqSuite® RM offers context-sensitive process guidance as well as freely definable input templates. Furthermore, for the purpose of quality assurance, ReqSuite® can automatically check requirements with regard to description quality, completeness and consistency.

Work Assistance

ReqSuite® RM can be fully adapted to the procedural and thematic needs of companies. This includes the types of requirements to be described as well as the methodical procedures or the desired export formats.


ReqSuite® RM enables the definition of workflows and allows to monitor the associated status progress of requirements. In addition, comprehensive analyses can be created, which also includes the calculation of key figures.


ReqSuite® RM offers numerous functions for collaborative work. In addition to mandatory locking functions, there are options for thematic division of labor, for assigning permissions, as well as for reviewing and commenting.


ReqSuite® RM can synchronize data bidirectionally with JIRA, Azure DevOps, Enterprise Architect, ClickUp, Redmine, TestRail, GitLab, Excel, Word and ReqIF. A REST API is also available for connecting additional tools.



ReqSuite® RM is the tool for your requirements management!

Its sophisticated RM functionality, AI-powered work assistance, intuitive usability and complete yet easy customizability are unique in this combination.

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„There are many tools for requirements management out there. Our claim is to deliver real added value through innovative solutions for handling requirements.“

Dr. Sebastian Adam – Co-Founder & Managing Director

Frequent Questions

What are the main advantages of ReqSuite® RM?

ReqSuite® RM combines the latest research results from the field of requirements engineering with established RM features.

Especially due to its AI-supported assistance functions, ReqSuite® RM is one of the most modern and technically advanced RM tools on the market. This opens up significant benefits in terms of quality and efficiency that go far beyond what even renowned market competitors offer.

At the same time, ReqSuite® RM impresses with its intuitive usability, which also allows people without dedicated knowledge in requirements management to contribute.

Due to its code-free and at the same time complete adaptability to the individual needs of each company, you can introduce and roll out ReqSuite® RM in the shortest possible time.

For whom is ReqSuite® RM the right choice and for whom not?

ReqSuite® RM is suitable for companies of all industries and sizes that want to sustainably improve their handling of requirements. Typical use cases are product development, procurement and tendering or the continuous further development of internally used IT systems.

ReqSuite® RM is rather unsuitable for companies that are looking for a fully comprehensive ALM/PLM system or a project management solution. Also for companies that absolutely want to keep a way of working they are used to from traditional RM tools like IBM DOORS® classic, ReqSuite® RM is probably not the best choice.

Is ReqSuite® RM a cloud or on-premise application?

ReqSuite® RM is a 100% web application that can be operated both as SaaS via the Microsoft Azure Cloud (data centers Western Europe or US East) and by yourself on your own local servers. You can freely and cost-neutrally choose which option you prefer.

Which companiy is behind ReqSuite® RM?

ReqSuite® RM is backed by us, OSSENO Software GmbH, an owner-managed company based in Kaiserslautern, Germany. It was founded in 2014 by three former Fraunhofer scientists with many years of industry experience.

The idea for ReqSuite® RM was born in numerous consulting and development projects of the founders with well-known companies from a wide range of industries. In these projects, requirements management using other tools repeatedly proved to be challenging and inefficient.

From this observation, the vision was born to significantly simplify the handling of requirements for all project participants through an assisting and lightweight tool solution.

How time-consuming is the setup of ReqSuite® RM?

ReqSuite® RM is installed in one hour, configured in one day and rolled out in one week.

This works due to the simple, complete and at the same time coding-free customizability of ReqSuite® RM, which allows you to benefit from ReqSuite® RM already in the short term and with only little resource input.

What service or support is available for ReqSuite® RM?

As a ReqSuite® RM customer, you automatically receive our Premium Services.

This means that you receive all the support you need so that you can really carry out your requirements management successfully with ReqSuite® RM.

In addition to the obligatory technical support, this also includes regular weekly online coaching sessions and individual consulting as needed.

While onboarding is billed as a one-time service, our premium services are included in the subscription price or maintenance fee at no extra charge.

Since 2019, ReqSuite® RM has consistently ranked among the top 10 RM tools worldwide

Licenses & Prices

The price and license model of ReqSuite® RM is very flexible. First of all, you have the choice between a one-time purchase plus maintenance and a subscription including all updates and support.

Regarding the licenses, there are both user licenses for fixed users (named users) and for flexible users (floating users). Most of our customers use a mixture of fixed and flexible user licenses. Fixed user licenses are always offered in packages of 5 licenses; flexible user licenses are also offered individually.

The entry price for a package of 5 fixed licenses in a subscription is 330,- € per month. Our tiered pricing model provides discounts of up to 60% depending on the total number of licenses. There are also discounts for research institutions and start-up companies.

Multiple benefits – satisfied customers

Numerous companies of various sizes and industries are already using ReqSuite® RM to manage their requirements more efficiently, easily and transparently.

„ReqSuite® RM saved us an incredible amount of time and work during the last tender. The extensive filter options and the assistance functions enabled us to quickly identify inaccurate, missing or incompletely specified requirements and thus prevent problems at an early stage. Thanks to the very professional and extremely fast support from OSSENO as well as the easy familiarization with the tool, we were able to completely concentrate on the actual content of our work. We will continue to use ReqSuite® in the future.”

Markus Otte
Director Digital Content & VAS

“We use ReqSuite® RM for end-to-end tracking of our requirements and tests. Thanks to the professional implementation support, in which a customized requirements management template was set up in our company, we were able to use the tool quickly. Adding requirements to ReqSuite® enforces a structured way of working and has therefore massively helped us to further improve the quality of our processes and therefore our product.”

Harry van Herten
Senior Verification Engineer

“After a longer search for a requirements management software that scales for our projects, we decided on ReqSuite® RM. We particularly like the fact that we can adapt ReqSuite® to our project requirements ourselves at any time, and at the same time have a partner in OSSENO who is always available with advice and support and takes our wishes into account in the continuous further development of the software. We are currently using ReqSuite® for verification and procurement management in a large modernization project.”

Lukas Müller
Department Manager Switzerland

“After extensive market research regarding requirements management software, we decided on ReqSuite® RM after a critical comparison of the players on the market. The motivations for this decision were first and foremost the full-featured and absolutely competitive scope of functions, coupled with a very intuitive and user-friendly user interface.
In addition to a high acceptance of the solution by our users, the courteous, proactive, and absolutely customer-oriented attitude of OSSENO Software GmbH in response to inquiries of any kind repeatedly confirms our choice.”

Peter Auer
Head of Quality

“We used ReqSuite® RM as part of the safety engineering according to ISO26262 for the e.GO Life. Managing the safety requirements and mapping relevant cross-references to other information and engineering artifacts was extremely complex due to the very large number of elements. ReqSuite® RM helped us enormously here to master this complexity and to facilitate our work enormously.”

Dr. Daniel Schneider
Abteilungsleiter Safety Engineering

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