ReqSuite® RM

The Smart Tool for Requirements Management

Manage requirements in a more structured, easy, and efficient way and save up to 30% of effort in your development projects.

Over 70 leading companies rely on ReqSuite® RM

Turn requirements into successful projects

With ReqSuite® RM, you minimize the risk of delays, errors, costly rework, and avoidable effort caused by inadequate requirements handling

Stay in Control

Get a complete transparency and traceability of your requirements and keep control of your projects at all times.

Simplify Work

Automate time-consuming tasks, increase reuse, and simplify exchange to make your work easier and faster.

Minimize Risks

Improve quality and standards compliance and run projects with less risk, rework, and need for clarification.

Create Uniformity

Create clear structures to centrally and uniformly manage requirements and facilitate collaboration.

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ReqSuite® RM among the best

Since 2019, ReqSuite® RM has consistently been one of the top-rated RM tools on the Digital Project Manager and Capterra comparison platforms.

ReqSuite® RM has also been a High Performer in the Requirements Management Matrix of G2 since 2023.

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Everything you need to successfully cope with requirements

Our features and services proven to simplify your requirements process and lower your overall development costs

Powerful Functionality

Get everything you need and expect from a modern requirements management tool.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Empower your team with a solution that anyone can use without lengthy trainings.

AI-based Work Assistance

Let your work (partially) automate and help you create the best possible quality.

100% Customization

Customize the tool to your needs and integrate it into your tool chain – both without coding.

Fast Ramp-Up

Save yourself tedious software rollouts and get started within a few days.

World-Class Support

Enjoy world-class support and consultancy that will help you fully achieve your goals.

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Frequently asked questions

For whom is ReqSuite® RM right and for whom not?

ReqSuite® RM is suitable for companies of all industries and sizes that want to sustainably improve their handling of requirements and/or of related artifacts such as test cases, risks, solution concepts, etc. Typical use cases are product development, procurement and tendering or the continuous further development of internally used IT systems.

However, ReqSuite® RM is rather unsuitable for companies that are looking for a full-fledged engineering platform or a project management solution. ReqSuite® RM is also less adequate for companies that absolutely want to retain a document-oriented way of working that they are used to from MS Word® or traditional RM tools such as IBM DOORS®.

Is ReqSuite® RM limited to requirements only?

No, ReqSuite® RM is suitable for managing all text-based artifacts in development projects except source code. Due to its 100% customizability, it can be used to manage e.g. requirements, test cases, risks or hazards, architecture elements, and the like in an integrated way.

At OSSENO Software, we offer our customers a comprehensive set of ready-to-use, industry-proven solution patterns for typical challenges that may arise in this context.

Does ReqSuite® RM run on-premise or in the cloud?

ReqSuite® RM is a 100% web application that is offered both by us as SaaS via the Microsoft Azure Cloud (data center Western Europe or US East) and it can be operated on your own local servers. You can freely and cost-neutrally choose which option you prefer.

What is the license model of ReqSuite® RM?

With ReqSuite® RM, you can choose between a one-time purchase plus maintenance or a subscription including all updates and support.

There are both user licenses for fixed users (named users) and for flexible users (floating users). Most of our customers use a mixture of both. The smallest license package includes 2 fixed and 3 flexible licenses.

Our tiered pricing model provides discounts of up to 60% depending on the total number of licenses. We also offer additional discounts for research institutions and start-ups.

Read-only licenses are always free of charge.

How time-consuming is the setup of ReqSuite® RM?

ReqSuite® RM is theoretically installed in one hour, configured in one day and rolled out in one week. On average, customers spend up to five half-day workshops for the whole setup and onboarding process.

This works due to the simple, complete and at the same time coding-free customizability of ReqSuite® RM, which allows you to benefit from ReqSuite® RM already in the short term and with only little resource input.

What service or support is available for ReqSuite® RM?

As a customer of ReqSuite® RM, you automatically receive our Premium Service.

This means that you will receive all the support you need from us so that you can really carry out your requirements management optimally and successfully with ReqSuite® RM.

In addition to the initial onboarding and mandatory technical support, this also includes individual calls as needed.

While onboarding is billed as a one-time service, our Premium Service is included in the subscription price or maintenance fee at no extra charge.

Is there a free trial version?

Yes and no. Since we offer an extensive onboarding service and premium support for our customers, there is no trial version for which you can register yourself without contacting us.

Nevertheless, you are of course not buying a pig in a poke with us and can try out ReqSuite® RM for some time without obligation after an individual product presentation.

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