ReqSuite® RM – The Requirements Management Tool that Thinks Ahead

  • Faster to better project results.

    Faster to better project results.

    You are not looking for any requirements management tool, but a solution that really improves your project work? Then our requirements management tool “ReqSuite®” is just the right thing for you! ReqSuite® helps organizations from the start to analyze and manage requirements and demands in an easier, more complete, and more standardized manner. As a result, ReqSuite® does not only reduce costly rework during the course of the project by up to 40%, but also enables significant improvements in the analysis, planning and design phase.

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  • Better results in business analysis.

    Do you often struggle with incomplete and difficult to understand requirements or with those whose need and priority are not apparent? Do you have much rework in your daily business?

    ReqSuite® provides a solution to this problem. Thanks to various support functions such as a process assistant or pre-filled templates, our requirements management tool ensures a high level of quality and completeness in your requirements right from the start.

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    Better results in business analysis.
  • Increased efficiency and consistency in the project.

    Increased efficiency and consistency in the project.

    Are your elaboration and maintenance of requirements or the exchange of requirements with downstream development steps a complex or even error-prone task?

    Even then, ReqSuite® promises a solution. In addition to scalable requirement analysis and reuse functionalities, automatic synchronization with downstream tools such as JIRA, TFS, and MS Office® provides significant efficiencies.

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  • Reliable progress and quality control.

    Is it difficult for you to keep an overview of the status and impact of your requirements, or is the quality assurance or assessment of requirements a challenging undertaking?

    ReqSuite® changes this fact! Integrated controlling features within our requirements management tool allow you to analyze the content of your requirements as well as their description quality, states, dependencies, and impacts.

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    Reliable progress and quality control.
  • Standardization of successful practice.

    Standardization of successful practice.

    Do the format and quality of your requirements always depend on who writes them? Is it difficult to establish a common best practice that reduces unnecessary friction losses?

    ReqSuite® also promises a solution here. By storing your desired process and templates directly in the requirements management tool, all project participants automatically receive a standardized procedure for requirements management and analysis.

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  • Strong tool. Good price.

    A good requirements management tool does not have to be expensive! That’s why we offer ReqSuite® starting at a price of only 129, – € per month when operating in the cloud. Of course, you can also use ReqSuite® as a local installation on your own servers.

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    Strong tool. Good price.
  • Features at a glance.

    ReqSuite® as an innovative requirements management tool offers a variety of valuable features for your requirements management.
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    ReqSuite® allows the management of requirements in freely definable categories and according to freely definable attributes. Graphics and files can also be attached besides text. Search and filter functions complete the management possibilities.


    ReqSuite® automatically saves any changes to requirements and provides corresponding version comparisons. In addition, explicit baselines can be created in order to backup the entire state of the requirements on a certain milestone.


    ReqSuite® allows maintaining semantic relationships among requirements by typed links. In addition to manual linking, ReqSuite® can also automatically maintain and monitor relationships and their consistency.

  • Reuse

    ReqSuite® provides advanced features to reuse requirements. This can take place in the form of copies or references. In particular, it is possible to reuse consistent requirements packages rather than only single requirements.

    Process Assistance

    ReqSuite® offers not only a flexible process guidance similar to a car navigation system, but also freely definable sentence templates for easy recording your requirements. In addition, ReqSuite® assures requirements quality by continuous checks.


    ReqSuite® can be fully adapted to the specific needs of companies. This includes both the types of requirements to be managed, as well as the methodological procedures, or even the desired export formats.

  • Controlling

    ReqSuite® allows the definition of status workflows, and the monitoring of the corresponding work progress. In addition, comprehensive analysis of requirements and their relationships, or of their completeness and quality can be conducted.


    ReqSuite® provides numerous features for a collaborative work on your requirements. In addition to obligatory locking functions, there are possibilities for a thematic division of work as well as for distributed reviews or commenting.


    ReqSuite® can synchronize its data with JIRA, TFS, EnterpriseArchitect, Excel, Word and ReqIF in a bidirectional way. In addition, a WebAPI is available that allows any system to exchange data with ReqSuite®.