ReqSuite® QC

That’s how to check requirements today

ReqSuite® QC helps companies to check the quality of requirements at the push of a button. ReqSuite® QC not only reduces costly rework by up to 40% over the course of a project, but also significantly accelerates and simplifies requirements validation itself.

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A convincing business case

The review of requirements is one of the most important activities in requirements management. No wonder, since incorrect or missing requirements quickly lead to costly clarification rounds or even rework in the further course of the project. At the same time, however, checking requirements is a time-consuming and nerve-wracking task, which is why it can hardly be carried out with the necessary care in larger projects.

ReqSuite® QC is the solution to this problem! At the push of a button, even the most extensive requirement documents can be checked for typical errors, so that it is immediately clear where improvements make sense or are even necessary. The simplifications and savings are so high that ReqSuite® QC pays for itself even with a few hundred requirements to be checked.

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How ReqSuite® QC helps

ReqSuite® QC helps companies especially due to the following four features.


Do you often struggle with imprecise or difficult to understand requirements? Are constant enquiries, clarification rounds or even reworking part of your daily routine?

ReqSuite® QC can help you with this. At the push of a button, difficult to understand, imprecise, incomplete, but also mixed and unclear requirements are found and meaningful improvements suggested.


Are there always duplicates or even contradictions in your requirements that need to be discussed and resolved? Or are they even overlooked?

Even then ReqSuite® QC promises remedy. In addition to functions for checking linguistic quality, a similarity analysis can also be used to uncover possible duplicates or contradictions at the touch of a button.


Is it not possible to validate requirements due to many requirements or for resource reasons? Is there often only a superficial review, if at all?

With ReqSuite® QC you change this circumstance! By fully automated verification of requirements against proven best practices and with regard to typical errors, you can have this task done in no time at all with consistent quality.


You are already using a tool for your requirements management and don’t want to switch the tool just because of a missing function for requirements validation?

ReqSuite® QC also promises a solution here. ReqSuite® QC can be directly connected to existing RM tools in your company via interfaces. So you don’t have to migrate data or introduce users into new tools.

The best of science and industry

ReqSuite® QC was initiated by three former Fraunhofer scientists with many years of industry experience. The idea for the product arose in numerous consulting and development projects with well-known companies from various industries, where requirements management with the help of other tools proved to be challenging and inefficient.

ReqSuite® QC therefore combines the latest research results from the field of requirements engineering with established RM features, thus making well-founded methods for increasing efficiency and quality available in an RM tool for the first time.