ReqSuite® QC – Automated Quality Control for Requirements

  • The modern way how to check requirements.

    The modern way how to check requirements.

    You know the importance of requirement validation, but are tired of investing a lot of time and effort each time? Then our quality analysis “ReqSuite® QC” is just right for you! ReqSuite® QC helps companies to automatically check requirements in German and English language for completeness, unambiguousness, consistency and redundancy. Thus, ReqSuite® QC not only reduces the effort for quality assurance by more than 50%, but also the risk of requirement related errors in the further course of the project.

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  • Clear requirements right from the start.

    Do you often struggle with incomplete and difficult to understand requirements  in your documents? Do you have much rework for clarification in your daily business?

    ReqSuite® provides a solution to this problem. Thanks to innovative rules and algorithms, you can check the quality of your requirements in a couple of seconds, both directly during requirements documentation and in the context of subsequent validation steps.

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    Clear requirements right from the start.
  • Detecting inconsistencies quickly.

    Detecting inconsistencies quickly.

    Is it a time-consuming or even error-prone process for you to ensure that there are no redundancies or inconsistencies in your documents, especially when several people are involved?

    Even then, ReqSuite® QC promises a solution. In addition to the aforementioned functions for checking the quality of each individual requirement, a thorough pair comparison of all requirements also allows the detection of problematic inconsistencies.

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  • A business case that convinces.

    Do you need costly rework because your requirements are poorly described? Or do you put an enormous amount of effort into the quality assurance of your requirements so that the first thing doesn’t happen?

    ReqSuite® QC provides a convincing remedy for both. If you check only about 650 requirements per month (once), ReqSuite® QC has already paid off. With, for instance, 5000 requirements you even achieve a ROI of 4.6.

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    A business case that convinces.
  • Interfaces for versatile use.

    Interfaces for versatile use.

    You want to take advantage of ReqSuite® QC, but you already have a requirements management tool, why using our ReqSuite® RM (which already includes QC) is no option?

    No problem! You can easily use the ReqSuite® QC checks via an existing Web API, as well as via dedicated interfaces that we will develop over time for common tools such as JIRA, Confluence, Office, Polarion, DOORS, Integrity, etc.

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  • Strong tool. Good price.

    Automated quality assurance does not have to be expensive! That’s why we offer ReqSuite® QC starting at a price of only €149 per month when operation in the cloud. Of course, you can also use ReqSuite® QC as a local installation on your own servers.

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    Strong tool. Good price.