OSSENO joins AutoDevSafeOps

On October 20-21, 2022, the kickoff for the “AutoDevSafeOps” research project took place in Unterschleißheim.

The project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with almost 12 million euros, has set itself the goal of providing models, tools and processes with which safety-critical automotive software can be developed quickly and reliably.

The background to the project is the increasing digitalization in vehicles. As a result, there is a need for proof of the safety properties of these systems and the ability to update functions even after delivery.

Over the next 36 months, the project consortium of 18 research organizations and industrial companies will therefore be developing and testing solutions for regulatory documentation along the supply chain, among other things. In the medium term, this is of high strategic importance for the competitiveness and innovation dynamics in the German automotive industry.

As part of the project, we at OSSENO will work together with Fraunhofer IESE to develop an integration between ReqSuite® RM and SafeTBox. This will make it possible to provide feedback on how functional changes affect requirements.

We are looking forward to three exciting years within the project and will continue to report on progress here.

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Sebastian Adam

Dr. Sebastian Adam is Managing Director of OSSENO Software GmbH and responsible for product innovation and marketing. Before joining OSSENO, he worked for 10 years as a consultant, scientist and team leader for requirements engineering at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE). Dr. Adam has assisted several dozen companies and has best practices in the introduction and implementation of requirements engineering across all industries.