It’s time: We at OSSENO proudly present our new branding!

Over the past few years, our team has grown steadily and our enthusiasm for innovation has not stopped. It is now time for us to give our identity a new look and feel. Since our beginnings, we always followed our main goal, to advance requirements management at enterprise level with our innovative software solution ReqSuite® RM. We can now proudly claim to have over 80 customers worldwide who trust us and our solution.

With each new customer, we have realized that successful requirements management not only needs first-class software, but also a contact person at eye level, a right hand, with whom you can look beyond the technology.

For us, it is now time to leave the anonymous field of software manufacturers and position ourselves as a solution provider. At OSSENO, we see ourselves as a partner for all aspects of requirements management; we don’t just offer a solution, we are also an expert in the needs and goals of our customers.

Our customers are the center and reason for our existence, which is why we are dedicating OSSENO’s new branding to them. The company logo symbolizes our focus: our customers are at the center of our success and everything we do revolves around them. The new logo represents the trust, safety and partnership that we maintain with our customers.

Our understanding of branding goes beyond the superficial. It involves more than just new colors or a new logo. For us, it means change, innovation and an expression of our close partnership with our customers. In the coming weeks, we will present further exciting changes at OSSENO.

Despite our rebranding, we remain true to our mission. We will continue to work on our software, continuously improve it and offer our customers consistent or even better quality and first-class support. Our levels of quality and support will not be affected by the rebranding; in fact, they will evolve even further.