ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)

On the basis of the standardized ReqIF format, project contents can be exchanged and stored as ReqIF document files. This process may take a few seconds, depending on the amount of project content and complexity of the templates. The generated ReqIF file can be downloaded from the server and stored locally or directly opened for viewing.

To perform a data exchange operation based on a ReqIF document file, click on the “Export & Import” button in the menu bar and select one of the following functions in the submenu “ReqIF”: “Export”, “Import” (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Menu bar entries for ReqIF-based export and import functions

ReqIF Export
This function exports all content elements within the opened project to a ReqIF format-compliant document file.

ReqIF Import
Exported project contents can be edited in a generated ReqIF document and imported back into any ReqSuite® RM project. The prerequisite for this is that the defined structure of the content to be imported matches the configuration of the importing project, as otherwise it is not possible to import the data concerned.

Figure 2. ReqIF Import