ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
Project Work

The actual work with ReqSuite® RM in a certain project can be carried out by any user, provided they have a role in the corresponding project. After clicking on the name of a project on the start screen, the ReqSuite® RM project work screen is displayed (see Figure 1).

This screen and the functionality for project work are devided into four areas:

Folder & Tree Area

The folder & tree area is located on the left side of the project work screen and offers various functions for organizing the contents of a project into categories and related folders. The actual view of this area can be switched between a folder view (as shown in Figure 1) and a refinement view in which the project-wide content hierarchy is displayed.

Content Table

The content table is located in the center of the project work screen. It provides extensive functions applicable to the elements of each category (e.g. create, edit, link, copy, delete, merge, move, reuse, export, restore, etc.). Depending on the configuration of the corresponding category, this view can also be switched to a board view.

Figure 1. Project work screen of ReqSuite® RM
Editing Window

The editing window (not shown in Figure 1 and can be opened by clicking the element IDs in the table) provides extensive functionality for detailed editing of each element. This includes functions for describing elements according to their defined input mask, managing relationships, attaching images and other files or hyperlinks, managing version history, commenting and reviewing as well as managing states and responsibilities.

Menu Bar

The menu at the top of the project work screen provides all cross-cutting functions such as export and import, view management, baseline management and various assistance functions such as the work suggestions or the quality check. Unlike the aforementioned areas, the functionality of this area does not focus the editing and management of individual elements.