ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
General Information

ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM) is an easy-to-use tool for analytical and planning project processes such as quotation preparation, requirements analysis, system conception, or product development that can be easily adapted to company-specific circumstances.

Through intelligent and context-sensitive work support, ReqSuite® RM allows you to complete tasks quickly and with an emphasis on content and helps to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in project business. For this purpose, ReqSuite® RM provides innovative functionality in a familiar environment and thereby facilitates the learning of underlying methods and best practices.

Figure 1. ReqSuite® RM and its interface architecture.

The main usage portfolio of ReqSuite® RM is divided into the following feature areas supported by its flexible interface architecture as per Figure 1.

Project Configuration
This feature set includes the creation and administration of project structures based on individual configurations in terms of project templates. By means of the ReqSuite® RM administration interface, process managers can easily create new projects based on company-specific configurations and comprehensively manage them in addition to alternative project configurations, project participants, as well as interfaces to subordinate tools and systems.

Work Assistance
This feature area deals with the efficient collection of project-relevant information by means of adaptive work support. Using ReqSuite® RM, project participants can systematically identify and describe project-relevant information in their usual working environment. To this end, ReqSuite® RM offers adaptive and context-sensitive work support, for example by providing key questions, checklists, and task instructions.

Content Exchange
Import and export of content data in project-specific document structures and formatting plus data synchronization mechanisms are part of this feature set. At the push of a button, project participants can export the contents stored within a ReqSuite® RM project based on a definable structure based on standard formats as well as equip subordinate systems with it. Thus, project-relevant information can be reused across diverse supported tools.

Data Monitoring
Consistent supervision and control of project progress together with the actually processed contents constitute the focus of this feature area. Various ReqSuite® RM user as well as administration interfaces allow project participants and process owners to check the status of project contents at any time and consistently track work progress on a long-term basis.

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