ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
General Information

ReqSuite® RM is an easy-to-use requirements management tool that supports any conceptual project process such as quotation preparation, requirements analysis, or even a (high-level) system design. Due to its ability to be easily adapted to situation-specific needs, it can be used in a multitude of different organizations and industries.

Furthermore, through intelligent and context-sensitive work support, ReqSuite® RM allows end users to complete their tasks quickly and helps them to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in their project business.

The main functional areas of ReqSuite® RM are:


This area includes the administration of users and interfaces as well as the creation of projects based on individual configurations, the so-called “project templates”.

Project Work

This area comprises the actual end user interface that allows project participants to systematically identify and describe project-relevant information.


This area enables the import and export of information as documents (i.e., Word, Excel, or ReqIF) or as directly exchanged data items with other tools such as JIRA, TFS or GitLab.

Screen Area

After successful login, the user is redirected to the home page. This section describes the structure of the start page and the settings that the user can change.


The compatible browser versions for ReqSuite and how to proceed if problems occur is described here