ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
License Data

The multi-tenant capability of the underlying software system makes it possible to use ReqSuite® separately in terms of data and organization by different customers, e.g., different departments within a company. All tenant-specific customer data, i.e., the details of users, configurations as well as projects and their contents generated for or by the tenant, are software-allocated to a separate tenant as a self-contained unit in the system. This data can only be accessed by persons authorized by that tenant via role-based permission verification (see User Management for more information on this topic).

Figure 1. License data management in ReqSuite® RM

A user authorized for the administration of his or her tenant(s) can open the currently valid tenant data in tabular form via the menu item “Tenants” in the left navigation bar (see Figure 1).

Notes: The entry for “Contact Person” under Tenant Administration is merely to be considered as the primary contact in administrative matters of a tenant that does not necessarily require a licensed ReqSuite® user account. Furthermore the Tenant management is primarily the exclusive responsibility of OSSENO Software GmbH. The installation of a stand-alone ReqSuite® system with its own tenant administration in a company is also possible, depending on the customer license model.