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Finally! ReqSuite® RM has its own logo

On Friday last week we received the pleasant news that our new ReqSuite® logo (“the blue bee”) has been registered as a trademark by the German Trademark and Patent Office. But why a bee as a product logo? Bees are very social creatures and extremely industrious. Their daily routine consists of collecting pollen and producing
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Release Notes ReqSuite® RM 3.6

In ReqSuite® RM 3.6., which is released on 19th September 2021, again more than 200 improvements and new features have been integrated. The most important modifications are listed below. General Support for French as third GUI and project language (only quality check features not available yet in French) Project wide search with auto complete Document-like
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With ReqSuite® to the Moon

The Lunar Zebro project at TU Delft is currently working on the development of the world’s smallest and lightest lunar rover. The rover is designed to piggyback on any of the private or national space agency’s Moon landers. Once on the Moon, the rover’s main objective is to survive the harsh lunar conditions for one
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Strong partner found in North America

We are pleased to announce that we will intensify our activities in North America thanks to our new (exclusive) partner Procept Associates Ltd. from Canada. Procept Associates is a global management consulting company with a strong requirements and business analysis consulting practice that started in 2004. As one of the first global Endorsed Education Providers
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Release Notes ReqSuite® RM 3.5

In ReqSuite® RM 3.5. again more than 160 improvements and new features have been integrated. The most important new features are listed below. Better editing possibilities In ReqSuite® RM 3.5. the possibility was created to switch the editing window of individual elements to full screen in order to find more space during editing. In addition,
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OSSENO User Day 2021

On March 25, 2021, our first OSSENO User Day will take place from 09:00 – 15:00 CET. To keep the program entertaining, we have planned both presentation and interactive formats. At this stage, the agenda is as follows. 09:00 Welcome and Introduction 09:30 Özgür Ünalan, OSSENO Software – “The History of ReqSuite® – From 2013
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Release Notes ReqSuite® RM 3.3

ReqSuite® RM 3.3 offers the following new features and functions Refinement View Probably the biggest change in ReqSuite® RM 3.3 is the new refinement view, which replaces the previous tree view. While the previous tree view was a mixture of categories, folders and relationships, the new refinement view now explicitly visualizes the complete refinement hierarchy
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