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We help technology companies to increase the quality and efficiency of their projects by making their handling of requirements simpler, more transparent and more structured.

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Efficiency out of passion

What could be more pointless than wasting precious time in life? Time that could have been used for important or at least value-creating things.

Especially in development projects, mistakes are made again and again, leading to time-consuming and nerve-racking extra work. Work that could actually be avoided.

We at OSSENO Software have therefore dedicated ourselves to the task of improving efficiency in project handling. In doing so, we start where most inefficiencies arise, namely at the very beginning when dealing with requirements.

Based on many years of industry experience and collaboration in research at Fraunhofer, we have developed into a technologically leading solution provider for requirements management in recent years.

Numerous national and international companies now benefit from our intuitive and assisting ReqSuite®-Tools.


Our tools for your success

ReqSuite® RM

ReqSuite® RM is a smart, intuitive and fully customizable requirements management software for highest efficiency and simplification in projects.

ReqSuite® RM helps companies analyze and manage requirements in a more structured, simple and transparent way.

With this alone our customers could increase the efficiency and quality in development projects by up to 30%.

ReqSuite® QC

ReqSuite® QC is a smart and fully automatic requirements-tester, that can be integrated in any current requirementsmanagement-tool.

ReqSuite® QC helps companies ensure a high quality of description, completeness and consistency in their requirements.

This alone enabled customers to reduce the effort for reviews and clarification loops by up to 50%.


We offer the whole package

The Product

In our products we have combined the latest research results from the field of requirements engineering with established RM features. Our products are thus among the most modern and technically advanced RM tools on the market. This enables numerous advantages such as fast start-up, ease of use and significant efficiency gains.

The Expertise

We are one of the few providers whose founders and employees really know about requirements management and can demonstrate a long history and methodological expertise in this area. In particular, comprehensive experience from numerous consulting projects as well as many years of involvement in further development of this discipline at the state of the art speak for us.

The Service

In terms of further development of our own products, project handling and support for questions and problems, we are among the fastest providers on the market. Tickets to outsourced help desks do not exist with us. You always talk to our own employees and thus to people who can help you in a well-founded and fast way.

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