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ReqSuite® RM
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You are not looking for just a tool, but a solution that really improves your project work? Then ReqSuite® RM is the right solution for you!

ReqSuite® RM helps organizations to analyze and manage requirements more completely, easily, and standardized. As a result, ReqSuite® RM not only reduces costly project rework by up to 40%, but also simplifies the analysis, planning, and design in development or procurement projects.

ReqSuite® RM

Industries and Applications

ReqSuite® RM is suitable for information management and requirements management across all industries in the following areas

Tendering & Procurement

No matter whether you procure software systems, production technology or components for your own products: ReqSuite® RM helps you to define and consolidate your requirements, share them with your suppliers, and automatically analyze their offerings.

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Product Development

No matter what you develop and on whose behalf: ReqSuite® RM helps you to define your requirements systematically and collaboratively with all stakeholders, to manage them throughout the entire lifecycle and to check them for quality and completeness at any time.

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Enterprise Application Management

No matter who drives projects in your company: ReqSuite® RM helps you to jointly identify important topics in your organization, refine them into precise requirements and prepare clear development tickets for your own teams or external service providers.

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Yet another Requirements Management tool?

ReqSuite® RM’s AI-supported assistance functions make it one of the latest generation of requirements management tools, offering significant advantages in terms of quality and efficiency that go far beyond what even well-known competitors can offer.

At the same time, ReqSuite® RM is extremely easy and intuitive to use, which allows even people without dedicated knowledge of requirements management to work with it. Due to the code-free and full adaptability to the needs of individual companies, ReqSuite® RM can also be introduced and rolled out in a very short time.

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The best of science and industry

ReqSuite® RM was initiated by three former Fraunhofer scientists with many years of industry experience. The idea for the product arose in numerous consulting and development projects with well-known companies from various industries, where requirements management with the help of other tools proved to be challenging and inefficient.

ReqSuite® RM therefore combines the latest research results from the field of requirements engineering with established RM features, thus making well-founded methods for increasing efficiency and quality available in an RM tool for the first time.


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