Features you can expect

In line with our vision of simplifying project work even further, our ReqSuite® is also being continuously developed further. On average, we publish a new release every quarter. In the future you can expect the following expansions, among others: ( = already available).

  • Document-oriented views
  • Advanced text editor
  • Quality checker in English
  • Automatic generation of process manuals
  • Batch processes
  • Autocomplete for form fields
  • Importing and automatically classifying requirements from MS Word®
  • UML model sychronization with Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • Fine-granular and self-defined role and rights model
  • Release workflows for individual baselines
  • Process Guide 2.0
  • Administration and evaluation of self-defined KPIs
  • Recommendation system for reusable content
  • Automated glossary creation
  • Alternative display formats (e. g. Kanban boards)
  • Conditions on form fields
  • Smartphone app for mobile requirements gathering
  • Git(Hub) Interface
  • Mechanism for third party plugins
  • Interfaces to further modelling tools
  • Further usability optimization
  • Further AI-based assistance

Since we maintain a close partnership with our customers, we are always happy to accept feature requests in our releases at short notice.