ReqSuite® as Requirements Management Tool

Your Situation

Are you a supplier or manufacturer of products and solutions and want to manage the requirements for your internal development throughout the entire lifecycle? In this context, you are confronted with one of the following questions:

  • How can we categorize requirements and map them to system elements?
  • How can we describe requirements in a precise way so that the parties involved understand them correctly?
  • Are the requirements complete and consistent in themselves, and actually necessary?
  • What influence does my system context have on the requirements and how do I describe it?
  • How can we divide the work on the requirements between several people in a meaningful way?
  • How can we keep the requirements synchronized with other tools (Word, Excel, JIRA, TFS, etc.) or – at least – enable a corresponding export?

Our Solution

ReqSuite® as a requirements management tool allows you to significantly optimize requirements management in your context.

ReqSuite® supports the responsible for requirements from the business areas as well as those from the development departments in the complete, consistent and systematic elaboration and management of all relevant requirements for your products and solutions.

Intelligent plausibility checks within the requirements management tool help to quickly identify incompleteness, contradictions, duplicates and mutual influences, and to correct them if needed. This ensures that all requirements are always adequately and comprehensibly recorded.

As a client-server application, ReqSuite® also allows parallel and distributed work on requirements and synchronization with upstream and downstream tools, enabling efficient, cross-tool collaboration between all parties involved.

With the help of our requirements management tool “ReqSuite®”, not only the requirements management process but also your entire development process can be significantly accelerated and improved.