ReqSuite® Customizing

We deliver Solutions, no Tools!

As experts in requirements and business analysis, we not only have tool expertise but also many years of experience in the systematic analysis, planning and design of digital products and services in a wide variety of industries.

Accordingly, we help you not only to get our software to work, but also to adapt it perfectly to your processes and templates. In this regard, we do usually not take over the status quo unthinkingly, but advise you in possible optimizations, which may result from both the tool use and proven best practices.

As a result, you receive a tailor-made requirements management system consisting of a tool and a corresponding method that perfectly supports you in your daily project work.

This is the only way to ensure that your requirements management is truly effective and pragmatic.

Due to frequently expressed concerns, we would like to point out that customizing our software usually only takes a few days (often only one working day) due to its built-in configuration features.

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