Release Notes ReqSuite® RM 2.9

ReqSuite® RM 2.9 offers the following new features and functions

New assistance

In ReqSuite® 2.9 we have further optimized and extended our assistant functions. In addition to the previous Quality Checker, which can detect both incompleteness and linguistic inaccuracies, there is now also the possibility to search globally for duplicates and contradictions, to automatically link related requirements and to automatically receive suggestions for technical terms to be explained.

Improved import interfaces

The MS Word import has been optimized so that even more precise content from Word documents can be automatically extracted and classified. In addition, we have extended the ReqIF import so that not only requirement content but also the associated configurations can be exchanged between different systems.

New export functions

The popular Word export has been extended by the ability to generate any number of instances of documents based on a template. For example, ReqSuite® can now automatically generate requirement specifications from a project for different suppliers, which only contain the requirements relevant for the respective supplier.

Further improvements

As in every release, there are a multitude of optimizations in addition to the central innovations regarding usability, stability and performance.

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Sebastian Adam

Dr. Sebastian Adam is Managing Director of OSSENO Software GmbH and responsible for product innovation and marketing. Before joining OSSENO, he worked for 10 years as a consultant, scientist and team leader for requirements engineering at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE). Dr. Adam has assisted several dozen companies and has best practices in the introduction and implementation of requirements engineering across all industries.