Release Notes ReqSuite® 2.5

ReqSuite® 2.5 offers the following new features and functions

Storable Views

Filter results and sort order can now be saved as private and public views. This makes it possible to obtain all relevant information and requirements at a glance more quickly. Of course, these views can also be exported to Excel at the touch of a button.

Export of Process Manuals

In addition to project content, process manuals for projects can now also be exported to Word. Specifically, the configurations on which a project is based, i.e. the defined requirement types, their relationships, attributes and description templates can now be automatically converted into descriptive documents.

Quality Checks in Englisch

Our test function, specially adapted to the description quality of requirements, has now also been made available for the English language in an initial version. This means that international customers and projects can also benefit from this helpful assistance.

API for Quality Inspection

From now on, the previously mentioned function for quality control of requirements can no longer only be used via the user interface and thus only within ReqSuite®, but can also be used from outside via a Web API. This means that customers who already use another tool for requirements management can also benefit from this function.

Usability Optimizations

Version 2.5 also features some improvements in performance, stability and usability. This ensures that our customers can always work with the latest requirements management tool.

Sebastian Adam

Dr. Sebastian Adam is Managing Director of OSSENO Software GmbH and responsible for product innovation and marketing. Before joining OSSENO, he worked for 10 years as a consultant, scientist and team leader for requirements engineering at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE). Dr. Adam has assisted several dozen companies and has best practices in the introduction and implementation of requirements engineering across all industries.