ReqSuite® for Offer Preparation

Your Situation

You are a contractor for the delivery of a product or system and would like to transfer the requirements of your customer into an offer or specification? In this context, you are confronted with one of the following questions:

  • How can we use recurring / standardized solution components faster?
  • How can we more transparently interlink customer requirements with our proposed solutions?
  • How can we identify solution components that are more suitable for requirements more quickly?
  • How can we more easily reuse associated prices, terms and conditions and references?
  • How can we divide the work on the offer between several people in a meaningful way?
  • How can we generally accelerate the time-consuming preparation of quotations?

Our Solution

With ReqSuite® as a tool for creating offers and specifications, you can significantly optimize the corresponding processes in your company.

ReqSuite® supports the proposal managers from both development and sales in mapping customer requirements to existing or future solution elements, as well as in the appropriate description and calculation of your solution proposal.

Plausibility checks within our tool help to describe proposed solutions, as well as accompanying information in an appropriate and understandable way. In particular, ReqSuite® allows you to quickly identify incompleteness, inconsistencies, duplicates and mutual influences and correct them as needed.

As a client-server application, ReqSuite® also enables parallel and distributed work on the offers and the automatic creation of your requirement specifications in the desired structure and formatting, enabling efficient collaboration between all parties involved.

With the help of our “ReqSuite®”, not only the creation of specifications, but also the entire bidding process can be significantly accelerated and improved.