ReqSuite® for IT Portfolio Management & Demand Management

Your Situation

Do you have a complex IT landscape and need to plan and control its continuous further development on the basis of demands and requirements? In this context, you are confronted with one of the following questions:

  • What are the requirements for further development and what are the costs and benefits?
  • What are the effects of certain changes on our IT landscape?
  • How can new releases be planned taking into account the demands and resources?
  • How can implementation projects be set up and controlled on the basis of demands?
  • How can demands be systematically refined within the projects in detail requirements and development tickets, so that a goal orientation remains given?
  • How can we interlink “large-scale planning” with agile software development?
  • How can we monitor and control the status across project and tool boundaries?
  • How can our demand and IT requirements management be standardized across divisions?

Our Solution

With ReqSuite® as an IT Portfolio Management Tool, you can optimize and standardize Demand Management & IT Portfolio Management in your company.

ReqSuite® supports departments in the appropriate description of their demands, as well as portfolio managers in the evaluation and planning of projects, or business analysts in the subsequent analysis and refinement of demands into realizable development requirements.

Intelligent plausibility checks ensure that during the analysis both demands and fine-granular requirements are always adequately and comprehensibly described, and reliably prioritized in terms of costs and benefits. ReqSuite® also detects possible incompleteness, inconsistencies, duplicates, mutual influences or processing delays in order to be able to react quickly.

As a client-server application, ReqSuite® also enables parallel and distributed work and synchronization with upstream and downstream tools, enabling efficient end-to-end support from abstract demands to successfully implemented project requirements.

This not only significantly accelerates, improves and controls the direct process of IT Portfolio Management & Demand Management, but also the entire further development of your IT.