ReqSuite® for Enterprise Architecture Management

Your Situation

Do you want to take a holistic view of your company’s development and achieve the best possible interplay of business processes and IT with the help of an enterprise architecture? In this context, you are confronted with one of the following questions:

  • How do business objectives, business processes, organizational structures and our IT systems relate to each other?
  • How do we achieve a centralized, up-to-date and integrated documentation of all these artifacts?
  • Where are inefficiencies or situations that do not coincide with the achievement of our objectives?
  • Which adaptations are necessary on the basis of changed business requirements?
  • How can projects be appropriately “cut”?

Our Solution

ReqSuite® is a flexible, configurable tool for requirements and information management that allows you to optimally support enterprise architecture management in your company.

ReqSuite® supports the persons responsible at each level of abstraction in describing, e.g., business strategies, organizational structures and processes, the IT applications or technologies used, as well as in modeling their interdependencies and influences.

Intelligent plausibility checks also help to find possible incompleteness, contradictions, duplicates or other weak points in order to be able to react quickly.

As a client-server application, ReqSuite® enables parallel and distributed work in enterprise modeling and synchronization with downstream development tools, enabling necessary adaptation measures to be transferred directly into development projects.

This not only significantly accelerates, improves and controls the direct process of Enterprise Architecture Management, but also the entire further development of your company.