Enterprise Application Management

Efficient and safe changes

ReqSuite® RM offers first-class support for requirements management as part of the further development of internally used information systems.

Thanks to various assistance functions for collaborative identification, documentation and planning of the relevant requirements for the IT systems, all parties involved can work efficiently and purposefully across departments. Recurring requirements and business-relevant artifacts such as processes, applications, data, etc. can also be conveniently reused in this context without having to “find the wheel again” in every project.

At the push of a button, the required specifications can then be exported in the desired format based on customizable templates or synchronized with downstream systems such as JIRA or TFS in the form of development tickets.

Also the input of external service providers is no problem with ReqSuite® RM. Depending on roles and rights, they can either enter their contributions directly into ReqSuite or make them available in common documents that can be imported automatically.

Thus ReqSuite® RM provides a central and common platform for all requirements for the further development of internal IT.

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