Project Work

The concrete elaboration of project content in the Reqsuite® Web Client is carried out exclusively in a compatible browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. After successful log-in, the user interface of the WebApp is displayed to the user with the loaded project and functional components as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. User interface of the ReqSuite® Web Client

  • ReqSuite®-Process Guide ® (short hand for Process Guide)
    The Process Guide in the upper display area is activated via the “Process Guide: On/Off” button in the menu bar and serves for the guided elaboration of project contents on the basis of context-sensitive work instructions and provides all necessary entry screens and additional information.
  • ReqSuite®-Content Manager  (short hand for Content Manager)
    With the Content Manager in the left-hand display area, you can freely manage created project contents at any time with the help of common administrative operations such as creating, editing and deleting as well as extended functions such as structuring and linking.
  • ReqSuite®-Task Pane (short hand for Task Pane)
    The Task Pane in the right-hand display area provides an overview of open tasks.

Note: The function buttons in the menu bar of the user interface are not fully initialized until a project is opened. For that purpose, select the project to be opened from the selection menu in the left display area under “My Projects”.