ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)

The versioning features of ReqSuite RM allow for managing baseline versions of the entire project for a fine-grained tracking of work progress during project execution. This menu item is used for version management within the project. Selecting it opens a window in which you can save the current status of the content elements as a project version. It is possible to choose between a major version (1.0,2.0,…) and a minor version (1.1,1.2,…). In a tabular overview you can follow the history of the project, including information on the time and author of the version (see Figure 4). By clicking on the “pencil icon” you can edit the version description, while clicking on the “document icon” you can download the version specifications as a ZIP file.

To manage the baselines of a project, click on the button “Baselines” in the menu bar. A movable overlay window with title “Baselines” will appear that can be used to manage, i.e., add, edit, download, and delete baseline versions for the open project (see Figure 1.).

Figure 1. Project baselines

Adding Baselines
In order to create a baseline for the current project state, select if this shall be a major or minor version via radio button right to “New baseline”, provide a mandatory description for that version using the text field right to “Description”, and finally click on button “Save” in the bottom part of the overlay window.

Editing Baselines
To change the description of a baseline, click on the button “Write Pad”-symbol in the rightmost column of the table row that lists the desired baseline. After editing is complete, click on the button “Disk”-symbol that appeared in the very same table cell to save the revision or use the “Cross”-symbol button in case the revision shall be canceled.

Downloading Baseline
The specification of an existing baseline version can be downloaded at any time by clicking on button “File Download”-symbol in the rightmost column of the table row that lists the desired baseline and by selecting the storage location for the downloaded archive file via the browser’s entry form.

Comparing Baseline
For an element version-based comparison of two project versions, select the target rows in the baseline table while holding the keyboard key “Ctrl” pressed and click button “Compare” in the bottom part of the window. Another overlay window will appear listing any project elements that have existed in either of the two baseline versions including their version numbers and indication of the corresponding change.

Note: A baseline version of a project cannot be deleted and the version number cannot be manipulated. Also, the downloaded baseline specification archive contains any project content-related artifacts including simple Excel export, Word exports (for any uploaded document template), ReqIFz export including any element attachments.

For more hands-on details on the versioning features of ReqSuite, please take a look at the following tutorial video: