ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)

Assistance functions extend the core functionality of ReqSuite® RM by advanced features that are explained in more detail in the corresponding subchapters. The portfolio of supported work assist features is constantly extended and currently includes the following functions accessible via the menu bar (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Menu bar entry for assistance functions

  • Quality Check: A comprehensive evaluation of the quality of element descriptions in terms of syntactical correctness and semantical completeness which improves overall readability, understanding, and reusability of project contents.
  • Similarity Analysis: Provides search results on found content elements that have divers attribute values in common which helps project participants avoiding content redundancy that unnecessarily increases the complexity of a project otherwise.
  • Link Proposals: Suggests a list of possible links between content elements to be considered for finding related contents in order to facilitate interpretation of data contexts.
  • Terms Proposals: This function provides a list of existing terms found in the project that are generally unknown and thus required to be defined for the purpose of general comprehension of project contents by active participants.
  • Process Guide: Delivers suggestions in terms of subsequent instructions and a task overview to project participants responsible for specific contents on how to further proceed in the course of the project.
  • Handbooks: Manuals and checklists can be centrally stored for any project making their reference easier for project participants in need of further information on the project context.
  • Dashboard: Offers a concise overview on all the relevant usage and progress metrics by means of sophisticated charting graphics. These helps project managers to speed up the identification of unpredictable delays and to increase overall project work performance.