ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
Work Support

In addition to the basic functionalities covered in the context of content management, ReqSuite® RM further provides advanced features that support project participants in their daily work to help enhancing project performance.

Figure 1. ReqSuite® menu bar

These feature sets are accessible via the menu bar in the upper left part of the display area (see Figure 1) and include the following options which are explained in more detail in the corresponding subchapters of this documentation.

Export & Import
This option deals with supported data exchange and synchronization functions based on divers tools such as TFS, JIRA, and GitLab as well as common data exchange formats like ReqIF, MS Word, and MS Excel.

Configurable display options for filtering relevant project details are part of the feature set behind this menu bar option.

Functions helping users in different aspects of project work such as assuring content quality, receiving content data-related proposals along with task instructions are focused by this menu bar option.

This option focuses the holistic versioning of project contents required for milestone tracking and release mangement.