ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
Menu Bar

The cross-cutting and non-element-specific functions of ReqSuite® RM are made available via the menu bar at the top of the project work screen (see Figure 1). These include, in particular, functions for exporting and importing content, managing views, work assistance and baseline management.

Figure 1. ReqSuite® RM’s menu bar for project work

These five areas are briefly described below and explained in more detail on the following pages.

Export & Import

This area provides built-in functions for exporting project content to Word, Excel, ReqIF and ZIP, (re-)importing from Word, Excel and ReqIF, as well as functions for synchronizing data with other tools such as JIRA, TFS/AzureDevOps, GitLab or other ReqSuite® RM installations.


In this area users can create, update and delete views on the project elements. However, to actually define a view, filtering and sorting of the content table of a category must be done first. This setting can then be saved as a view.


The assistance area comprises a couple of functions to support the work of the user when elaborating the project content. Besides a quality check, an similarity finder, link and work suggestions, it also contains a project dashboard and manuals.


This area is used to create, download and compare the baselines of a project. Unlike the versions of individual elements, baselines represent a version of the entire project as it was at a particular point in time.