Display Areas

After successful login, the content of the “My Projects” Web page is displayed in the main display area. If this is your first logon via the currently used Internet browser, the introductory help guide “ReqSuite Tour: First Steps” will also be started  (see Figure 2). If you want to run through the guide, click on “Next” or “OK” in the first and each subsequent dialog window. To exit the help manual, you can click on the “Close” button at any time or any area outside the dialog box.

Figure 1: Introductory guide “First steps” after initial login

The full name including the profile image of the authenticated ReqSuite® user (short: user) (which by the way can be changed on click) and the name of the superordinate Tenant can be found in the right section of the title bar in the upper display area (see Figure 2). Depending on permissions, the buttons to the left and right allow you to open the administration menu (“Tools icon“), access the Web page “My Projects” (“Cube icon“), open the context-sensitive ReqSuite help menu (“Question mark icon“), display additional options via the settings bar (“Gear icon“) or log out (“Logout icon“).

Note: Once the introductory or one of the context-specific help guides has been started automatically, it will not be shown again even if the respective Web page is visited again in the same browser until the browser cache is reset or the option “Hide tutorials” in the settings bar is deactivated. However, depending on the Web page opened, the ReqSuite help menu in the title bar can be used to start the help instructions manually at any time and to access the online documentation.

Figure 2. Exemplary start page after user login

The administration menu is used to navigate through various management functions within ReqSuite RM using appropriately named menu items (see Figure 3). The settings bar in the right-hand display area, which is initially hidden, can be used to make basic settings for using ReqSuite RM. You can show or hide both at any time using two corresponding buttons in the title bar.

Figure 3: Usage of fade-in/fade-out menus in the upper and lateral display area

Note: Depending on the permissions of the logged-in user, the display of the administration menu can vary from the general availability of the button to available menu items. For further information on management functions please refer to “Administration” and “Project Work“. The customization options within the settings bar are explained in detail under “Settings“.