ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM) – User Manual

ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM) is an easy-to-use tool for analytical and planning project processes such as quotation preparation, requirements analysis, system conception, or product development that can be easily adapted to company-specific circumstances.

Through intelligent and context-sensitive work support, ReqSuite® allows you to complete tasks quickly and with an emphasis on content and achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in project business. For this purpose, ReqSuite® provides innovative functionality in a familiar environment and thereby facilitates the learning of underlying methods and best practices.

Figure 1. ReqSuite® RM and its interface architecture.

The main use of ReqSuite® is divided into the following working steps (see also Figure 1):

  • Creation and administration of project structures based on individual project configurations (Configuration)
    By means of the web-based ReqSuite® administration interface, process managers can create new projects in ReqSuite® based on company-specific project configurations at any time and comprehensively manage them in the context of process administration in addition to project participants, alternative configurations and interfaces to subordinate systems. (→ see Administration)
  • Collection of project-relevant information/requirements with provision of adaptive work support (Work assistance/requirements)
    Using the ReqSuite® Web Client project participants can systematically identify and describe project-relevant information in their usual working environment. To this end, ReqSuite® offers adaptive and context-sensitive work support, for example by providing key questions, checklists and work instructions. (→ see Project Work)
  • Import and export of content in the desired document structure and formatting plus data synchronization (Import/Export)
    Project participants can export the content stored in ReqSuite® in a defined structure and formatting at any time at the push of a button, as well as equip subordinate systems with it. Thus, project-relevant information can be reused cross-system. (→ see Project Work)
  • Monitoring of project progress and content (Monitoring)
    Both, the ReqSuite® plug-in and the ReqSuite® administration interface, allow project participants and process owners to check the status of project content. (→ see Project Work and Administration)

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