ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
Screen Areas

After a successful login to ReqSuite® RM, the different screen areas are displayed. Depending on the basic role of the logged-in user, the items on the screen can vary. Furthermore, if an user logs in for the first time, a introduction guide will automatically be started.

The ReqSuite® RM screen is basically structured as follows:

Menu Bar

In the header of the screen, the menu bar is shown. All cross-cutting functions of ReqSuite® RM are provided here, i.e. the administration menu (only available for admins), the home page, help menu, (personal) settings, and the logout.

Main Area

In the main area of the screen, the actual content and functionality of ReqSuite® RM is provided depending on the functional area the user is currently in. For example, the home page displays the list of projects a user has access to, personal notifications to him, key figures or tips of the day.

Settings Bar

On the right side of the screen, a settings bar can be faded in and out. In this settings bar, users can subscribe for certain events and change their  language of the user interface. Furthermore, users with administration rights can also customize the visual design of their ReqSuite® RM account. For example, change the logo or the titles, or even set a base color. With the “Colorful Appearance” function, ReqSuite® RM calculates suitable colors for the project based on the selected base color.

A home screen example is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Home screen of ReqSuite® RM