ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
External User Administration

To perform the external user administration, ReqSuite® RM provides interfaces and functions to import user data from users directories such as OpenLDAP, Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. All required functions for importing or synchronizing users from this external directory can be found via the “Users” item in the administration menu.

A prerequisite for external user administration is that an interface to the corresponding directory has been set up (see interface administration) and that the users that shall work with ReqSuite® RM have been assigned to the groups “ReqSuiteAdmins”, “ReqSuiteUsers”, “ReqSuiteFloatingUsers” or “ReqSuiteAPIUsers” according to the license and basic role they shall have. Each user must be directly assigned to one of these groups, i.e. it is not possible to add a user group to these groups. Once this has been done, the user administration mode can be switched via a button in the header of the user table. After switching “external administration” on, additional buttons will be shown (and vice versa).

Behavior when switching the mode

When switiching the mode, the following is happening within ReqSuite® RM.

External Mode turned on

When switching to the external administration mode, ReqSuite® RM will load all users being in the aforementioned groups from the external directory. By matching the user name or email address, ReqSuite® RM will automatically migrate a native user into an external user. Only users not being matched will remain local / native users. From now on, external users cannot be edited in ReqSuite® RM anymore, while they have to use their “official” login data instead of the ReqSuite® RM-specifc ones as before. Hence, they will also not be able to reset their passwords in ReqSuite® RM. For local / native users, nothing will change.

Important Note: The “Administrator” switching the mode to “external administration” must not be part of one of the mentioned directory groups, because at least one “Administrator” must remain a local / native user. Otherwise, the users would lock out him/herself.

External Mode turned off

When switching back to the native administration mode, ReqSuite® RM will disconnect all external users from the directory and migrates them to local users. Thus, all of them will receive a generated ReqSuite® RM-specific password, which they can change themselves in the settings bar.

Functions in External Mode

When the external mode is turned on, a button (user icon) for importing users from the directory is displayed. Another button for synchronizing the data of already imported users is also displayed (refresh icon). While the import button redirects the administrator to a screen, where s/he can manually import users from the directory, the sync button triggers an automatic update of all user data from the directory without user interaction. This sync takes care of updating the user data as well as deleting those users from ReqSuite® RM that are not assigned to one of the directory groups mentioned above.