ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
Project Work Strategies

For a more effective handling of project content, ReqSuite offers the possibility to use the following processing strategies depending on the project:

  • Reusable content: This work strategy allows the content of a project to be reused in other projects, i. e. content selectable in the Content Manager can be copied into the reusing project or imported for synchronized reuse. Activating this processing strategy as part of project management is only recommended for projects whose content is quality-assured. An overly liberal content sharing of each newly created project should be avoided in general, in order to prevent excessive data storage for the sake of an efficient overview. Rather, it is recommended that a project designed for the purpose of cross-project reuse is defined as a reuse basis and that quality-assured content is regularly entered, existing data records are optimized and outdated data is removed.
  • Collaboration mode: This work strategy focuses on the explicitly controlled collaboration of participants in a project that has been activated for this purpose. In doing so, certain content and even entire content categories can be assigned to individual users, who are exclusively responsible for editing them. They only receive work instructions on topics for which they are responsible. Although it is possible to process a project with several users without activating this processing strategy, in this case the total work steps to be completed are not distributed by the project administrators to the users involved by content assignment, but each user is automatically assigned the work instructions that are generally to be processed next. If a work instruction cannot be automatically assigned to a user within a project with a collaboration strategy, this instruction is assigned to a user in the “ProjectAdmin” role. The latter may delegate those instructions to the responsible person by assigning responsibility for the content concerned.

Note: In addition to unrestricted access to the content of assigned projects, a “ProjectAdmin” is authorized to assign responsibility for editing individual content elements and even entire content categories to any project participants within the scope of the “collaboration mode” as a project work strategy.