ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
Project Roles

For a more efficient performance of projects, ReqSuite® RM supports the collaboration of multiple users. Therefore, it enables an explicitly controlled collaboration based on the individual assignment of project roles and content elements.

The project roles supported by ReqSuite® RM are as follows:


This role enables the execution of all operations within a project as well as the assignment of users and interfaces in the global project administration menu. In particular, a “ProjectAdmin” can access and edit all content items, independent of whether he/she is assigned to these items as the responsible user and independent of the state of the content items. Furthermore, “ProjectAdmins” can assign content items and content categories (including corresponding tasks) to other users or perform imports of external data into a project, which is not possible for other project participants.


This role enables creating and editing all items to which a user with this role has been assigned by a “ProjectAdmin”. Whether “ProjectUsers” can view all content items or not depends on the definition of the security mode in the template on which the corresponding project is based. If “ProjectUsers” are responsible for a content category, they can set other users as responsible users for certain items of this category.


This role provides read-only access to the content items of a project. Whether or not “ProjectReaders” can view all content items depends on the definition of the security mode in the template on which the corresponding project is based.


While the three aforementioned roles are exclusive, i.e. a user cannot have more than one of them within the same project, the reviewer role can be assigned additionally. However, the “Reviewer” only plays a role if there is a workflow in the project in which a state is marked as explicitly requiring reviews. In this case, users acting as a “Reviewer” are automatically invited when a content item is brought to a review state.

A summary overview of the different access rights to project content and administration functions is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. ReqSuite® authorization matrix with RO=read-only, RW=read/write