ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
Project User Roles

For a more effective handling of project content, ReqSuite® RM supports multi-user collaboration. Therefore, it focuses on the explicitly controlled collaboration of participants that have been assigned to a project based on different project roles. In this context, certain content and even entire content categories can be assigned to individual users, who are exclusively responsible for editing them. They only receive work instructions on topics for which they are responsible.

Authorization to access project content and certain administrative functions is granted from a project viewpoint on the basis of three project user roles:

  • ProjectAdmin: A project administrator has full read/write access to all content of the project to which that user is assigned and can manage it independently of its basic user role via the WebApp. The only exception to this is the deletion of a project, which is only possible for a “TenantAdmin” but not for a “SimpleUser“. In addition to the project role administration, a “ProjectAdmin” is responsible for assigning responsibilities for the work on all project contents to other project participants in projects with activated “Collaboration” as a work strategy.
  • ProjectUser: This project user role allows a user full read/write access to project content, but the administration of the assigned project is not possible for a user in the basic user role “SimpleUser“, unlike “TenantAdmin” except for the display of project metadata. In projects with “Collaboration” enabled as work strategy, a ProjectUser can delegate responsibility for editing certain project contents to other users to a limited extent.
  • ProjectReader: A project participant of this type has just read-only access to project content regardless of its basic user role, and therefore cannot change content data. And just like a “ProjectUser“, it can only retrieve the project’s metadata, as long as the basic user role “SimpleUser” is set for this project participant, as opposed to “TenantAdmin“.

A summary overview of the various access rights to project content and management functions can be obtained via the integrated ReqSuite® authorization matrix (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. ReqSuite® authorization matrix with RO=read-only, RW=read/write

An exemplary difference between the project user roles “ProjectAdmin” and “ProjectUser” or “ProjectReader” with respect to access rights is illustrated in Figure 2. Although both users have the same basic user role “SimpleUser”,”Maria Musterfrau” as “ProjectAdmin” is authorized to perform adjustments to the jointly assigned project “Musterprojekt-A” by means of various administrative functions, in contrast to “Michael Muster” as “ProjectUser”. The only administrative task that cannot be accessed is the deletion of the project, which is reserved for a “TenantAdmin” such as “Max Mustermann”, even if he is only assigned, e.g., as “ProjectReader” to the project.

Figure 2. Differences in the availability of management functions for the project user roles “ProjectAdmin” (above) and “ProjectUser” or “ProjectReader” (below)

Note: If a work suggestion cannot be automatically assigned to a user within a project, this suggestion is assigned to a user with role “ProjectAdmin” . The latter may delegate such suggetions to the responsible participant by assigning responsibility for the content concerned. In addition to unrestricted access to the content of assigned projects, a “ProjectAdmin” is authorized to assign responsibility for editing individual content elements and even entire content categories to any project participants.