ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)
Excel Templates

For an appealing visualization of project information, ReqSuite® RM additionally offers mechanisms to export the contents from the database into Excel documents. For this purpose, one or more Excel documents serving as templates can be attached to a specific project template.

An Excel document being such a template is a normal .xlsx-file. At arbitrary positions in the Excel document, suitable commands of ReqSuite® RM have to be inserted, which will be dynamically replaced by project contents during document generation.

Figure 1. Creating the template (left), exported document (right) based on the template

Currently, the Excel templates support the following commands: “CATEGORY.ATTRIBUTE” and “CATEGORY:TABLE WITH … <ATTRIBUTE>”. Traceability Matrices can be generated through the command “CATEGORY:TABLE WITH … <OTHER CATEGORY> AS OWN COLUMN”. If a relationship attribute is defined for the category exported by “AS OWN COLUMN” and a value for the relationship attribute is set, the value is exported instead of an “X”.

Just like Word templates, Excel templates also support filter operations “[<FILTER_ATTRIBUTE>{=|<>|<|>|<=|>=} <FILTER_VALUE>]”. The files created from the templates will be re-importable in the future.

###CONTENT PROBLEMS## can be used in Excel templates to output the lingual problems detected by the Quality checker.