ReqSuite® Requirements Manager (RM)

The administration of ReqSuite® RM can be carried out by users having an administrator role via the administration menu in the menu bar on the top of the ReqSuite® screen.

The administration functions are divided into five sub-areas:

License Data

In this sub-area, administrators can view the license information of their ReqSuite® RM account. However, a modification of this information without support from OSSENO Software is not possible.


In this sub-area, administrators can create, modify or delete (other) users within their ReqSuite® RM account. This user administration can be conducted with ReqSuite®’s native user management or with external user directories based on LDAP or Active Directory.


In this sub-area, administrators can create, modify or delete groups. These groups can be assigned to users to mark their responsibilities in different projects.


In this sub-area, administrators can create, modify, delete or archive projects and assign users and interfaces to them. In addition, the configuration of each project can be updated if changes have been made to the underlying project templates.

Project Templates

In this sub-area, administrators have the possibility to create, modify and delete their individual customization of ReqSuite® RM according to the artifacts, relationships, attribute schemas, templates and workflows they require.


In this sub-area, administrators can setup, modify and delete connections to other development tools such as JIRA, TFS / Azure DevOps or GitLab as well as to user directories such as OpenLDAP or (Azure) Active Directory.