ReqSuite® for the Digital Transformation

Your Situation

You are in a program for the (digital) transformation of certain business units and need to channel and manage the requirements for changes? In this context, you are confronted with one of the following questions:

  • What are the requirements that result from this initiative?
  • Which business units, business processes, and IT systems are affected by this?
  • How can we adequately identify, channel, prioritize and transform the requirements into appropriate sub-projects?
  • How can we identify mutual influences, preconditions, or problems at an early stage?
  • How can we carry out the effort and benefit planning appropriately and ensure the corresponding controlling?
  • How is it possible to directly connect development teams and monitor their status?

Our Solution

With our powerful but easy-to-use solution “ReqSuite®” you can optimally support your digitization projects.

ReqSuite® helps the participants in defining the overall digitization strategy, as well as in the derivation and management of related business and IT requirements, or in prioritizing and scheduling them in associated sub-projects.

Intelligent plausibility check functions ensure that all requirements and change measures are described appropriately, and that they are reliably prioritized with regard to the digitalization goals. ReqSuite® also supports the detection of possible incompleteness, inconsistencies, duplicates, mutual influences or processing delays in order to be able to counteract them quickly, if required.

As a client-server application, ReqSuite® also enables parallel and distributed work and synchronization with upstream and downstream tools, enabling efficient end-to-end support from abstract digitization ideas to successfully implemented transformation steps.

This not only makes it possible to accelerate the direct process of requirements management, which is essential in such projects, but also to accelerate and control the entire transformation project in a more targeted manner.