CrowdRE Tools

Know what users need

CrowdRE tools help companies to determine the experiences of users in the use of their products and derive valuable ideas for the improvement and further development of these products. This not only reduces the effort for corresponding analyses by at least 76%, but also enables the discovery of potentials that would otherwise remain undetected.

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Do you really know what your users want?

Through modern IT solutions such as mobile apps or cloud applications, the usability, but also the interchangeability of the products or services behind them is becoming increasingly easier for customers. In the long term, therefore, only companies that recognize user perceptions, but also emerging trends and wishes, early and reliably can be successful. However, due to the huge number of users, it is hardly possible to gain such insights in a timely manner with current market research approaches.

CrowdRE tools provide exactly this remedy! Through the automatic analysis of comments and reviews on different platforms and social media channels, perceptions, positive and negative opinions as well as wishes for the products can be gained and analyzed at the click of a button.

The speed and validity of these analyses are so high that a current mood can be continuously created.

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How CrowdRE Tools help

CrowdRE tools help companies especially due to the following four features.

Holistic Data Acquisition

You have various sources of information, but no possibility to consider them all adequately?

CrowdRE tools solve exactly this point. Starting with social media, app stores and marketplaces up to ticket and CRM systems, information from various sources can be read and analyzed.

Quality & Emotion

You want to stand out from the competition with certain qualities and emotions, but don’t know how?

Even then CrowdRE Tools promise help. CrowdRE tools can identify the quality characteristics of a product addressed by a user comment and analyze both negative and positive perceptions of it.


You want the added value of automated data analysis, but have privacy concerns?

With our CrowdRE tools it is not about identifying individuals. We aggregate all comments and ratings without using the author of each post. This gives us an overall picture of all users.

Management Support

Do you need information suitable for management and not details that only technicians understand?

Our CrowdRE tools promise a solution here as well. Product managers have access to all relevant analysis results and underlying data via a clear, web-based dashboard.

The Best of Science and Practice

Our CrowdRE tools were initiated by Fraunhofer scientists with many years of industry experience. The idea for the product was born in numerous consulting and development projects with well-known companies from a wide range of industries, where requirements analysis for products with large numbers of users repeatedly proved to be challenging and inefficient.

The CrowdRE tools therefore combine the latest research results from the field of requirements engineering with established dashboard features, thus making well-founded methods for the automatic analysis of user comments for the purpose of product and requirements management available in a tool set for the first time.