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OSSENO User Day 2021

On March 25, 2021, our first OSSENO User Day will take place from 09:00 – 15:00 CET. To keep the program entertaining, we have planned both presentation and interactive formats. At this stage, the agenda is as follows. 09:00 Welcome and Introduction 09:30 Özgür Ünalan, OSSENO Software – “The History of ReqSuite® – From 2013

⭐ What our customers say – Evaluation of the 2020 customer survey ⭐

In September 2020, we conducted a large-scale customer survey. The aim was to find out how satisfied our customers are with both our ReqSuite® RM software and our service in order to derive meaningful improvements for the future. After writing to all customers, we received feedback from 36 people. Of these 36 people 29 used

Smart Requirements Engineering – The next big “Thing”?

“Agile Requirements Engineering” is currently on everyone’s lips. But does it not rather make sense to deal with the use of AI techniques in requirements management in a time when everyone is talking about “AI” too? Together with our former colleague Eduard C. Groen from Fraunhofer IESE, we published a blog post on this topic

YAKINDU Traceability integrates ReqSuite® QC

The product “YAKINDU Traceability” from itemis AG in Lünen is a platform for bringing together project data from a wide variety of tools in a central location. This is done with the help of special adapters, which access data-representing artifacts and associated traceability information in the connected tools or files. Since March 2020 YAKINDU Traceability

ReqSuite® RM – Usable without training!

When we report to interested parties as part of our sales activities that end users of our customers hardly ever need training, we often receive sceptical looks. For this reason, we conducted a study with students at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in the winter semester 2018/2019 to prove the intuitiveness of ReqSuite® RM. In

ReqSuite® RM – Also 2021 among the Top RM Tools

After the renowned website The Digital Project Manager included our ReqSuite® in the list of the ten best RM tools for the first time last year, we were able to assert ourselves again this year. The review is shown below. ReqSuite RM (from OSSENO Software) strikes a great balance between customizability and simplicity, providing enough

IT Entrepreneurs’ Day 2020 with OSSENO

The IT Entrepreneurs’ Day is one of the largest events in the IT SME sector, bringing together more than 150 IT entrepreneurs, managing directors and managers of medium-sized IT companies in Frankfurt am Main and Vienna every year to exchange views on the management, development and strategies of ITC companies. The IT Entrepreneurs’ Day has

OSSENO at REConf® 2020

From 23 – 27 March 2020, the annual REConf® will take place in Munich. As in all the years since 2015, we  will be there again. On Monday, 23 March 2020 from 14:00 – 18:00 we offer a workshop on requirements management in product development with ReqSuite® RM. Interested participants will learn how a best

Conference Report “ModernRE 2019” – KI vs. Agile?

One week ago today, 10 October 2019, we were represented with a presentation at the ModernRE in Berlin. In our presentation entitled “Tools in (agile) Requirements Management – The Agony of Choice” we wanted to show which types of tools can be used in (agile) Requirements Management and which different added values they enable. We

OSSENO Software at the Systems Engineering Day 2019

The annual conference “Systems Engineering Day” (TdSE) will take place in Munich from 06 to 08 November 2019. The “Systems Engineering Day” (TdSE) is the conference for systems engineering and the central meeting point for interested parties, decision-makers and, of course, experts on the subject – with a steadily increasing number of participants from a