News & Release Notes

News & Release Notes

ReqSuite® among the best RM tools of the year…

A few days ago, by chance, we became aware that the renowned website The Digital Project Manager had included our ReqSuite® in the list of the 10 best RM tools of the year. As a young company it makes us proud to play in a league with the flagship companies DOORS, Jama and Caliber for the first time and to perform only marginally weaker in direct comparison.

The review is shown below.

ReqSuite RM (from OSSENO Software) strikes a great balance between customizability and simplicity, providing enough features to be useful while remaining lightweight, easy to learn, and affordable.

This requirements gathering tool includes a well-rounded toolkit of definable templates (along with the ability to create reusable requirements), workflow definition and visual modelling tools, and collaboration features. The biggest selling point of ReqSuite is in its ease of use—the navigation makes sense, it’s not overloaded with complexity, and the tutorials for using the product are genuinely useful. It doesn’t offer the capability of enterprise-grade system management that a solution like IBM Doors does, but it’s a great fit for most other use cases, and especially as a software requirements specification software.

In terms of integrations, ReqSuite synchronizes bidirectionally with several other third party tools, including Jira, TFS, EnterpriseArchitect, and Excel—and their WebAPI lets you sync with additional systems.

Summary of ReqSuite:

  1. Requirements management: Pass
  2. Requirements visualization: Pass
  3. Traceability and real-time impact analysis: Pass
  4. Collaboration and review: Pass
  5. Integration with other tools: Pass

Score: 9.6

The original article can be seen here.

News & Release Notes

Real estate instead of requirements – OSSENO develops new…

Even though “Requirements Engineering” is our passion, we as an innovative software company are willing and able to develop promising software solutions for our customers even outside this important field.

For this reason, we designed and implemented the exclusive real estate platform for a real estate company from Luxembourg over the past 12 months.

Unlike conventional real estate platforms on the Internet, Landspell’s addresses commercial players in the real estate industry who literally want to realize value-adding projects on greenfield sites. For this aim, Landspell’s brings together both property owners and potential buyers as well as other parties involved in the planning and implementation process (e.g. architects, engineers or financial experts) in order to support the entire value chain in a seamless manner.

In the current stage, members of the platform can, for example, add properties for sale, sell them by auction to other members with the highest bid, and thereby increase their value for both sides through intermediate planning and analysis services.

In addition, Landspell’s provides its members with all real estate-related news, background information and events on a daily basis, making the central point of contact for real estate projects in Luxembourg.

Further information at


News & Release Notes

Is ReqSuite® RM really that intuitive?

Ease of use or even user experience have now become central features for the acceptance and success of software products. This is not the only reason why every software manufacturer claims that its solutions are simple and intuitive to use and that it takes hardly any time and effort to work productively with them. Encouraged by positive customer feedback, such claims are often used for marketing purposes.

We at OSSENO also receive positive feedback from our customers and test users about the intuitiveness and considerable power of our requirements management software ReqSuite®. But are such statements really reliable if they are made by people who have already dealt more intensively with our solution or other RM tools?

In order to answer this question, we wanted to start an experiment to confront a group of really inexperienced people with our ReqSuite® in a controlled environment. In the winter semester 2018/2019 we therefore accompanied the exercise on RM tools as part of the lecture “Requirements Engineering” at the TU Kaiserslautern.

18 students were asked to carry out typical RM activities on the basis of a structured work script with 40 steps, starting with the creation of requirements and the maintenance of relationships up to the administration of baselines and views. Although the students had previously attended a lecture module on Requirements Management, they had never worked with an RM tool themselves. Also, our ReqSuite® was not introduced or trained in advance; the students were “thrown in the deep end” and were supposed to familiarize themselves with the software first.

A total period of 80 minutes was available to familiarize the students with the tasks and to work on them. 13 students (72%) were able to complete all tasks during this period. The correctness of the work steps performed was over 95% for all participants.

In a feedback questionnaire the students were asked to rate ReqSuite® on the Likert scale with the scales “very simple”, “rather simple”, “rather difficult”, “very difficult” and a free text rating of the perceived strengths and weaknesses. They were also asked to indicate the tasks with which they had problems.

When asked how easy it was to find the functions needed for each task, three students answered “very simple”, 13 students “rather simple” and two students “rather difficult” (see grey bars in Figure 1). The question of how easy it was to perform the RM tasks themselves was answered somewhat better. Here, five students indicated “very simple” and the remaining 13 “rather simple” (see green bars in Figure 1).

Figure 1. Feedback from Students

In the free text question “What do you like about ReqSuite®?” eleven students mentioned usability features such as “easy to use”, “intuitive”, “easy to understand” and “clear”, while the remaining seven emphasized functional aspects such as export and import options or assistance functions.

In answer to the question of what was improvable, the usability of functions for which most of the problems were objectively observed during the experiment was mainly mentioned. These were the function for performing a version comparison, the function for reuse from external projects and the function for bulk processing of requirements. Seven or eight students could find these three functions only after a hint by the trainer.

All in all, however, the experiment confirmed our claim that ReqSuite® RM is an intuitive and powerful RM tool. Although the lecture exercise should have focused on the functionalities of an RM tool, the question regarding the strengths was mostly answered with simple and intuitive usability. This shows that the usability of ReqSuite® is something that even first-time and inexperienced users will notice positively.

Of course, we will also take the negative impressions as an incentive to further optimize our ReqSuite® as soon as possible.

News & Release Notes

OMNI Inform-Pro and OSSENO Software go common ways

Since January 2019, the partner network of OSSENO Software GmbH has been enriched by a specialist: OMNI Inform-Pro GmbH from Munich, a renowned service provider in the fields of technical documentation, process consulting, project management and programming, is now going down common paths with OSSENO.

After a successful cooperation with a customer in Tyrol in autumn 2018, the foundation for a long-term close cooperation in the interest of common customers has now been formally laid.

In particular, but not exclusively, the two managing directors Dr. Sebastian Adam (OSSENO Software) and Thomas Holzer (OMNI Inform-Pro) see a convincing added value offer for medium-sized mechanical engineering and technology companies by bundling their competences.

For example, the easy and complete adaptability of OSSENO’s innovative ReqSuite® allows a fast implementation of improved procedures according to the consulting results of OMNI Inform-Pro. This enables customers to establish professional procedures in quality, process and requirements management more quickly and sustainably.

Since this is currently of particular importance in product development, the two companies want to support companies in the professionalisation and modernisation of their product development processes in a first joint step.

News & Release Notes

OSSENO at the NLP4RE Workshop on REfSQ 2019

On 18 March 2019, the 25th Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REfSQ) will begin in Essen. In contrast to the annual REConf in Munich, REfSQ not only brings together practitioners from German-speaking countries, but also international scientists working in the field of requirements engineering.

As a working conference at REfSQ, the workshops will play an important role in addition to the lectures at the main event. This year there will be eight different workshops, of which the workshop “NLP4RE” will deal with questions of Natural Language Processing in Requirements Engineering.

During this workshop, we from OSSENO will present our tools ReqSuite® RM and ReqSuite® QC in the afternoon of March 18th. The focus of the live demo will be on our functions for checking the quality of requirements, for example with regard to completeness or unambiguity.

We are looking forward to an interesting exchange with the workshop participants and other manufacturers, who will also present their solutions there.

News & Release Notes

Release Notes ReqSuite® RM 2.8

ReqSuite® RM 2.8 offers the following new features and functions

ReqIF import

Since a long time ReqSuite® RM offers the possibility to automatically import requirements and other information from MS Excel® or MS Word® files. Version 2.8 now offers the possibility to import from ReqIF files too.

Reuse filter

In version 2.8, the reuse filter already introduced in version 2.7 has been further extended, so that it is now even easier to automatically submit reuse proposals that are thematically appropriate. This makes it easier for users to reuse specific requirements from other projects without having to search for them with high effort.

Automatic links

With Reqsuite® 2.8, it is now possible to automatically identify possible relationships between requirements and link them without manual intervention.

Hierarchical tree structure

The tree structure in ReqSuite® has been extended in version 2.8 so that you can click your way through the hierarchy of requirements and other information objects as deep as you like. This makes it even easier to recognize and manage dependencies or refinement relationships within a requirement set.

Usability optimizations

Also in version 2.8 some improvements regarding performance, stability and usability have been made. In particular, the entire user interface of ReqSuite® has been visually refreshed and modernized. Furthermore, there is now the possibility to restore deleted items.

News & Release Notes

Donate instead of giving – OSSENO supports “Herzenssache”

Christmas is just around the corner and in a few days, as every year, countless Christmas mail items are eagerly sent to customers, partners and friends by traditional mail.

Even though we appreciate this custom and are happy about the appreciation we have received, we consider it just as effective to send well-intentioned requests by e-mail (which is now standard in the rest of the year’s conversations).

For this reason, we decided this year for the first time to save any expenses for Christmas mail or even gifts and instead donate a respectable amount to the association “Herzenssache”.

Since the foundation of the association, about 35 million Euro in donations have been received. Herzenssache e.V. has around 870 children’s aid projects in Baden-Württemberg. Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland supported and its goal a good piece more near came: To give in the long term equal chances to children and young people, who live in the southwest of Germany!

Further information, as well as the possibility an on-line donation to make finds itself under

We would be pleased, if our business partners and friends follow our example and engage themselves likewise for humans, to whom it does not go by far so well, like us.

News & Release Notes

Release Notes ReqSuite® 2.7

ReqSuite® 2.7 offers the following new features and functions

MS Word® Import

Since a long time ReqSuite® offers the possibility to automatically import requirements and other information from MS Excel® files. In ReqSuite® 2.7 it is now possible to import requirements and other information from MS Word® documents. This is particularly helpful when clients submit their requirements in the form of text documents and these are to be processed and managed with the help of tools in the further course of the project.

New Web API

The WebAPI of ReqSuite® has been completely redesigned to simplify the integration of external systems. All common operations like create, change, query and delete are now possible using standardized GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods according to HTTP protocol.

Reuse Suggestions

In version 2.7 the helpful reuse functionality of ReqSuite® has been extended in such a way that thematically suitable reuse suggestions can be submitted automatically. This makes it easier for users to reuse specific requirements from other projects without having to search for them.

Quick Create

With Reqsuite® 2.7 it is now possible to create new requirements more quickly one after the other. Unlike in the past, only one click is required.

Improved Collaboration Functions

The comment function in ReqSuite® has been extended in version 2.7 to the effect that people can be addressed in comments and thus automatically notified. This makes it much easier to collaborate on individual requirements. In addition, further information is now transmitted directly in notification e-mails, so that necessary actions can be communicated after reading an e-mail and without prior login in ReqSuite®.

Usability Optimizations

Also in version 2.7 some improvements regarding performance, stability and usability have been made. Thus we continuously ensure that our customers can always work with the most modern requirements management tool.

News & Release Notes

Tailoring made easy – Workshop at REConf® 2019

As already announced in the last blog post, OSSENO will be represented at REConf® again in 2019.

This year we have a central innovation: We will offer our own workshop on the day before the main conference. On Monday, March 11, 2019, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, we will teach interested participants our workshop entitled “How do I get to my requirements process – tailoring made easy”, how to develop a company-specific requirements process in a targeted manner.

Relevant textbooks, training courses and conferences on requirements engineering offer a great overview of proven methods and techniques, but it often remains unclear which of them can also work in your own company and whether these best practices currently have the essential need for action.

Our workshop would therefore like to show how one can pragmatically and successfully tailor or improve one’s own requirements process without trying out what has been read or heard in trial and error manner without reflection. At the end of the workshop, the participants have a first draft of their own (future) requirements process and know which important aspects have to be considered in order to be able to successfully implement it.

There will always be short theory blocks / impulse lectures, which will be extended with practical exercises in which the participants can develop their own process.

The following agenda is currently planned for the workshop:

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of RE Process Improvement
  • Self Assessment – Where do we stand today?
  • Activities, templates, contents – what is important?
  • The mental model behind the requirements process
  • How much documentation do we need?
  • The first draft of a new process
  • Tool support
  • Success factors

We are looking forward to numerous registrations, which can be made via the REConf® website.

News & Release Notes

REConf® 2019 – On board again!

In 2019, OSSENO Software GmbH will again be represented at REConf® both with its own exhibition stand and with a presentation.

The focus of our participation will be on automation and assistance. In addition to our full-fledged requirements management software “ReqSuite® RM”, we will also present our new product for the quality assurance of requirements “ReqSuite® QC”.

The conference will take place from 11 to 15 March 2019 at the H4 Hotel München Messe.

Further information will follow.