ReqSuite® as Business Analysis Tool

You have to analyze your company’s business requirements…

… and are confronted with one or more of the following questions?

  • What are the actual needs of our business units?
  • How can we elaborate the requirements systematically?
  • How can we described the requirements in a precise and understandable manner?
  • Are the requirements complete and consistent in themselves?
  • How can we divide the work between several people in a meaningful way?
  • How can we integrate business analysis with agile software development and corresponding tools?
  • How can we monitor and control the status of requirements?

With ReqSuite® as your business analysis tool, you can significantly optimize the business analysis in your company. ReqSuite® supports experienced and inexperienced users as well in the complete and systematic elaboration of all relevant business requirement  and ensures that they are adequately and comprehensibly described.

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Plausibility checks within our business analysis tool also help to describe business requirements in an appropriate and understandable way. In particular, the solution allows to quickly identify incompleteness, contradictions, duplicates, mutual influences and processing statuses and to correct them as required. As a client-server application, ReqSuite® also allows parallel and distributed work and the synchronization with upstream and downstream tools, e.g. JIRA or TFS.

This not only significantly accelerates, improves and controls the process of business analysis, but also the entire development process.