ReqSuite® for Agile Software Development

Your Situation

Are you a developer of software products and solutions and don’t want to document and manage requirements in a traditional way because of your agile approach? In this context, you are confronted with one of the following questions:

  • Which requirements are important for our products and which of them do we have to pay particular attention to?
  • How can we document requirements in such a way that there are no misunderstandings, but also no over-specification?
  • How can we systematically refine the requirements in development tasks?
  • How can we reliably estimate costs and prioritize on the basis of requirements?
  • How can we assign requirements to releases and sprints?
  • How can we recognize dependencies on requirements so that we can better plan our sprints?
  • How can we react flexibly to changes?

Our Solution

ReqSuite® as a requirements management tool allows you to significantly optimize requirements management in your agile product development.

ReqSuite® supports customers, product owners and team members in the systematic, but pragmatic elaboration and management of all relevant requirements.

Intelligent plausibility checks within the requirements management tool help to quickly identify incompleteness, contradictions, duplicates and mutual influences and to correct them, if necessary. This ensures that all requirements can always be adequately and comprehensibly identified, and reliably prioritized, particularly with regard to costs and benefits.

As a client-server application, ReqSuite® also allows parallel and distributed work on requirements and synchronization with upstream and downstream tools, enabling efficient, cross-tool collaboration ranging from customers to testers.

With the help of our requirements management tool “ReqSuite®”, not only the requirements management process can be accelerated and improved, but also your entire agile development process.