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OSSENO at REConf® 2020

From 23 – 27 March 2020, the annual REConf® will take place in Munich. As in all the years since 2015, we  will be there again. On Monday, 23 March 2020 from 14:00 – 18:00 we offer a workshop on requirements management in product development with ReqSuite® RM. Interested participants will learn how a best

Release Notes ReqSuite® RM 3.0

ReqSuite® RM 3.0 offers the following new features and functions Extensive Improvements The greatest achievement of ReqSuite® RM 3.0 are numerous optimizations of the user interface and the existing functionality to further increase the overall quality and user experience. These detailed improvements are largely based on feedback from our customers, for which we would like

Conference Report “ModernRE 2019” – KI vs. Agile?

One week ago today, 10 October 2019, we were represented with a presentation at the ModernRE in Berlin. In our presentation entitled “Tools in (agile) Requirements Management – The Agony of Choice” we wanted to show which types of tools can be used in (agile) Requirements Management and which different added values they enable. We

What makes ReqSuite® RM so special?

It is undisputed that professional software and system development is no longer conceivable without tools. In addition to tools for development and quality assurance, tools for managing and tracking requirements are now in use at many companies, as planning and controlling projects is almost impossible without a clear overview of the desired product properties. In

OSSENO Software at the Systems Engineering Day 2019

The annual conference “Systems Engineering Day” (TdSE) will take place in Munich from 06 to 08 November 2019. The “Systems Engineering Day” (TdSE) is the conference for systems engineering and the central meeting point for interested parties, decision-makers and, of course, experts on the subject – with a steadily increasing number of participants from a

Release Notes ReqSuite® RM 2.9.5

ReqSuite® RM 2.9.5 offers the following new features and functions (Azure) AD Interface In ReqSuite® 2.9.5 we have extended our user administration to include the ability to extract user data and permissions from organization-wide LDAP directories. In addition to the classic Active Directory, we also offer an interface to Azure AD. Archiving of Projects In

Requirements management in times of insurance supervisory requirements for IT (VAIT)

In its Circular 10/2018, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) defined the insurance supervisory requirements for IT (VAIT). With immediate effect, these guidelines provide guidelines according to which insurers must organize their IT development and IT operations. With regard to “requirements management” (also known as “requirements engineering” or “business analysis”), there are a number of

Webinar: Requirements Management in Product Development

You want to optimize the requirements management in your product development and are also looking for a suitable tool for this purpose? Then use our webinar on 07 June 2019 at 9:30 a.m. to get an impression of our ReqSuite®. Simply register via the XING events page. We will then send you the access data

Presentation at the GPM Regional Group Karlsruhe

When projects fail or get into trouble, the term “bad project management” is generally used. However, studies have long since found out that in over 60% of cases the reason is inadequate handling of project requirements, even if the actual project management is carried out quite adequately. For this reason, the topic of “requirements management”

Release Notes ReqSuite® RM 2.9

ReqSuite® RM 2.9 offers the following new features and functions New assistance In ReqSuite® 2.9 we have further optimized and extended our assistant functions. In addition to the previous Quality Checker, which can detect both incompleteness and linguistic inaccuracies, there is now also the possibility to search globally for duplicates and contradictions, to automatically link